Vertex S+ 445W


  • Feature

    144 Cell


  • Feature


    Maximum Power Output

  • Feature

    30 Year

    Power Warranty

  • Feature


    Maximum Efficiency

The module for versatility and performance.

With its black and clear composition, the Vertex S+ Clear Black presents a breakthrough in solar design. Powerful, versatile and suitable for a range of different rooftops, it's the ideal choice for those seeking style and functionality.

Peace of mind with longer warranties.

Designed with the future in mind, the Vertex S+ Clear Black boasts an extended power warranty of 30 years, a product warranty of 25 years, first year degradation of 1% and annual degradation of 0.4%.

Increased production and efficiency with bifacial technology.

With 445W max power and 22.3% module efficiency, this bifacial panel is the perfect mass production unit for smaller sites. Its lightweight design facilitates effortless installation, and compatibility with 99% of mainstream inverters make it ideal for diverse solar applications.

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