Vertex S delivers smarter rooftop solar

Vertex S is the first Ultra-High Power module specifically designed for the rooftop sector. Using Trina Solar’s cutting-edge Vertex technology, it is a universal solution for rooftops with a high degree of performance and flexibility. 

The innovations

The series combines 210mm silicon wafers, multi-busbar design, triple-cut cells, non-destructive cutting and high-density packing, which combine to increase the output power of each module to beyond 410W+. 

These comprehensive upgrades make Vertex S the most powerful module in Trina Solar’s high-efficiency PV series for residential and commercial rooftop applications – it represents a power increase of up to 65Wp (or 17%) compared to its predecessors. 

Rooftop flexibility

Vertex S is versatile enough to be suitable for a range of rooftop applications, both in residential and commercial use. This represents a cost-saving, as a single, universal product can be stocked to suit a variety of purposes, and customers also enjoy improved reliability, with a product warranty of 15 years.

It is also Trina Solar’s most compact 210mm-based model to date – Vertex S is 1,754mm x 1,096mm and weighs 21kg, making it easier and safer to load, move and install. 

The 410W+ Vertex S excels in key areas, including power, efficiency, size, weight, appearance, ease of installation, load, reliability and safety. This exciting introduction to the 410W+ Vertex technology platform heralds the beginning of a new Ultra-High Power era. 

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