The European launch of the new TrinaTracker Agile 1P Dual Row tracker from pioneering solar power company Trina Solar gives solar investors, operators, developers and EPC companies a triple raft of benefits encompassing higher reliability, more yield gain and lower CAPEX and OPEX costs.

These significant advances have been achieved through a comprehensive and integrated combination of hardware, software and design improvements and innovations. Agile 1P components are designed to increase ROI even while the trackers are operating in sites with extreme weather conditions and different, challenging terrains.

Reliable and compatible

The Agile 1P adopts the 1P Dual Row design and the latest technology to deliver a wide range of benefits. Independent testing has confirmed that Agile 1P tracker components demonstrate higher reliability, stability and enhanced adaptability. Its innovative multi-drive system, shorter tracker, optimized purlin, upgraded post, and exclusively worldwide patented spherical bearing combine to:

  • Reduce aeroelastic effect,  avoid rotation error and misalignment improve load transmission efficiency and enhance the overall structure
  • Minimize the structure stress and deformation and as a result, improve reliability and adaptability
  • Prevent the tracker from structural failure even when operating under severe weather conditions like strong winds, snow and hailstorms.
  • Strengthen the structure´s stiffness with a 1.9m torque tubing
  • Allow for greater adaptability overcoming soil-related issues
  • Be compatible with large-format ultra-high power solar modules up to 670W

Boosting Yield

The intelligent self-learning SuperTrack algorithm allows accurate angles and rotation for each tracker increasing yield gained up to 8%:

  • In bifacial systems, the Smart Tracking Algorithm accounts for direct/diffuse irradiation, ensuring the tracker is constantly positioning modules for maximum yield gain.
  • The Smart Backtracking Algorithm can also account for complex variations in terrain, reducing the time the module is not exposed to irradiation.
  • In bifacial systems, the Smart Tracking Algorithm optimises energy production for direct/diffuse irradiation, ensuring that the tracker adopts the best possible angle when rotating.  
  • The Smart Backtracking Algorithm reduce shadows on modules even when trackers operate in complex terrains with slop issues.

The combination of both allows higher energy production means that, compared to other tracker systems, energy production is higher better energy yields are gained during dawn and dusk and there is greater opportunity for energy production during cloudy/ overcast weather periods.

The combination of both means that higher energy yields are gained during dawn and dusk compared to other tracker systems, providing a more significant opportunity for energy production during cloudy/ overcast weather periods.

Cutting CAPEX and OPEX

The Agile 1P system is lowering the balance of system costs for solar power projects. 

  • In a typical 1MW layout the number of trackers needed is reduced by 33% compared to conventional single-row 1P trackers, saving 9% in DC cabling
  • The number of posts is optimised to reduce installation cost and time.
  • Innovative Trina-Clamps makes assembly easier, saving 50% installation time
  • Spherical bearing with self-lubricating plastic avoids the need for calibration during the installation while enabling an increase in ramming tolerances
  • Agile 1P is 45% shorter than conventional 1P trackers, offering high layout design flexibility and maximizing installation capacity o complex terrain

In addition, operational and management costs are also reduced due to the system’s integrated alarm, which allows a fast reaction to adverse events, such as low battery, extreme wind, snow and hailstorms.

The upcoming TrinaTracker SCADA system will further boost operating time under different weather conditions. It's remote monitoring, early warning, intelligent diagnosis and troubleshooting features will enable the system to diagnose real-time tracker problems and perform troubleshooting in the field.

Talking to the professionals

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