How Vertex rooftop solar drives up energy yields but powers down BOS cost

Trina Solar’s Vertex 510W high-power modules for rooftop solar projects drive up energy potential while powering down the BOS cost. Our latest reference project in Spain demonstrates how, compared to other conventional 166mm 450W modules, the Vertex 210mm technology can achieve higher installed capacity on the same roof area by an impressive 11%.

Higher efficiency, higher installed capacity and more power generation

This recent example from a 1MW project on a 9,600m2 flat factory roof shows how Vertex 210mm, with 21.2% efficiency, provides an installed capacity of 1152kWp. When comparing this to using 450W 166mm silicon cell panels, a module of similar size, this represents a power yield increase of 11% and a higher power generation along the project lifetime.

Considering the installed capacity for each module, local installers have calculated separate system cost elements such as inverter, cabling, installation, combiner box and mounting rails, coming in consistently below baseline.

Bringing the total BOS costs down 

The increase in installed capacity on the same roof area by Vertex 510W can significantly reduce the cost per watt of inverters, cables, grid-connected cabinets (boxes), installation accessories, etc. and achieve a BOS cost reduction of more than 1.15 euro cents per watt than conventional 166mm 450W modules.

In conclusion, Vertex modules enable higher power generation and lower BOS costs compared to conventional 166mm per watt modules for the same rooftop. The higher efficiency of the Vertex modules allows therefore to reduce the energy payback time of the installations supporting the distributed PV power generation segment to gradually enter the subsidy-free era.

The Vertex innovation combination

The increased efficiency for a comparatively sized module of 450W 166mm panel is down to Trina Solar’s Vertex innovative module technology.

  • 210mm cells and high-density interconnect technology which delivers 21.2% module efficiency.
  • Multi busbar technology also ensures better light trapping, lower series resistance and improved current collection resulting in more uniform loads and better performance.
  • Non-destructive cutting pioneered by Trina Solar, which significantly enhances cell and module level mechanical strength and resistance against cell micro cracking.

New 510W black frame module

As Trina Solar launches the new black frame Vertex 510W module onto the European market, this new lower BOS cost calculation creates even better opportunities for rooftop projects across the region.

The aesthetically versatile monochrome look offers a seamless addition to a wide variety of buildings. What’s more, the module is fully compatible with established components on the market plus flexible to install across several different mounting methods from a crossbeam, shared rail or 4-points mounting.

This level of installation versatility and simplicity plus system cost optimisation allows distributors and installers to stock and design with one product, adaptable to a wide range of project opportunities. And together with the 15-year warranty, Vertex 510W offers a strong customer-centric proposition to benefit from the growing rooftop solar opportunity in Europe.

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