Trina Solar, the leading global PV and smart energy solution provider, is pioneering new standards in ultra-high power delivery with the addition of the Vertex 670W module to its range. With the rapidly increasing number of tracker and inverter innovations entering the market, the new module underscores both the system compatibility and reliability of high-power solutions.

The new modules are an exciting addition to the Vertex family of solar PV modules and use the same cutting edge 210 mm silicon wafer technology to ensure high customer value. The range is the culmination of two decades of dedicated innovation and progress in solar PV from Trina Solar.

High performance, high standards and high reliability are the benchmarks for the entire Vertex product brand. Consistently delivering on these benchmarks ensures that Vertex modules are able to offer reliable long term solar assets that demonstrate both increased power capacity and reduce LCOE on projects.

The new Vertex 670W re-energises the utility market

Intense rounds of both performance and quality testing have confirmed that the new Vertex 670 modules represent a new standard for reliability and efficiency in utility-scale solar projects. The non-destructive cutting pioneered by Trina Solar reduces cell micro cracking and potential power loss. Together with 210mm wafers, high-density interconnection and multi-busbar (MBB) strings, higher yield reliability is ensured.

The 670W is Vertex’s most efficient module to date with 21.6% maximum efficiency and 45% higher power generation on display compared to conventional power modules currently available in the industry. Both junction box and cell circuit design have been enhanced to deliver increased reliability. The modules are also compatible with a rapidly growing number of inverters, trackers and mounting systems currently on the market, making compatibility and system optimisation faster and easier.

Independently validated 3rd party certifications confirm excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) and low irradiation performance. The unique design of the 670 modules provides optimized energy output under inter-row shading conditions with a lower temperature coefficient and operating temperature. A bifacial version is also available for the best energy yield, particularly when combined with trackers.

Delivering value faster

Utility-scale solar projects need to be able to demonstrate both a stable and a fast return on investment in order to be viable. The Vertex range has already proved that it can help to shorten payback times through lower LCOE and reduced BOS costs.

With lower guaranteed first-year costs, lower annual degradation and higher string power factored in, creating opportunities for higher returns on investment alongside lower capital expenditure.

As a company Trina Solar, the makers of Vertex, has been awarded 100% bankability in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance report for 5 consecutive years. This unmatched achievement means Trina Solar modules are considered highly reliable by 3rd party lenders and can help project developers secure finance more easily.

Trina Solar are confident that their new ultra-high power 670W modules will be a major driver in the adoption and expansion of the solar PV industry and will have a significant impact in achieving renewable energy goals around the world.

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