Trina Solar: New technologies for higher efficiency at MCE Milan 2018
Splitmax and DuomaxTwin are highlight products on display

Trina Solar Limited ("Trina Solar" or the "Company"), a leading total solutions provider for solar energy, is presenting its latest product developments at this year’s MCE in Milan, Italy, focusing on solutions which further reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) and increase efficiency. New products on display at the Trina Solar booth (N° P29 R26 in hall 4) include the bifacial DUOMAX Twin module, as well as the half-cut cell Splitmax product, both significantly boosting output power.

One of the show’s highlights is the DUOMAX Twin bifacial module. It combines highly efficient bifacial PERC cells and the dual-glass DUOMAX design. The DUOMAX Twin can convert light that reflects onto the back of the module, generating up to 25% more energy. The heat-strengthened dual-glass design of the DUOMAX Twin ensures high performance in harsh environments such as intense humidity and irradiance levels. DUOMAX Twin is anti-PID by design, also it is less susceptible to micro-cracking, module warping, UV aging and corrosion from sand, acid, alkali and salt mist. The PV module generates power from both the front and back sides of the cells, allowing for a variety of tilt angles and installation options. DUOMAX Twin is ideal for elevated ground, rooftop, desert and snowy area installations or on-water applications.

Likewise, Trina Solar is bringing the high power Splitmax module to Italy. This 120-cell product features an innovative half-cut cell design, resulting in reduced interconnection losses and higer efficiency. Splitmax comes with a LRF (light reflective film) to gain more power and has low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at high operating temperatures. The product has already enjoyed great success in other global markets. Splitmax is ideal for large-scale installations and as it is 1,500V IEC certified, reduces BOS cost by connecting more modules in a string.

“We are very pleased to be presenting innovative solutions that can actively contribute to cost reduction, while improving performance at the same time”, said Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of European Module Business at Trina Solar. “We saw a constant growth during the last three years in residential and C&I applications in the Italian market without any special subsidies, except for tax bonuses and considerable depreciation. This is very interesting compared to other EU countries and can be an example for future sustainable developments.

We look forward to welcoming our existing business partners as well as getting in touch with new interested parties at MCE in Milan.”


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