Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie

Antwerp, Belgium


When the leading European photovoltaic developer, Invictus NV, was chosen by the international logistics services provider Katoen Natie to develop a large-scale installation on the roof of their main site in Antwerp in Belgium, Invictus chose Trina Solar panels for what is currently the largest photovoltaic solar roof installation in the world. With a production capacity of 40 MW and an area of almost 800,000 m2(Equivalent to about 160 football pitches), the roof-based system is expected to offset 17,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The solar power plant provides sufficient electricity to meet the average amount consumed annually by about 14,000 homes. In December 2009, when the system was completed, it represented over 25% of the country's solar capacity .

The project highlights the growing success of photovoltaic solar energy installations on commercial roofs across the world. It demonstrates one of main advantages of solar photovoltaic energy: its ability to be installed on all types of roofs, whatever their size anywhere in the world. Large-scale roof installations have the potential to provide owners with a large percentage of their annual electricity needs, while offsetting greenhouse and carbon gas emissions. 

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