OLWO Otto Lädrach AG

OLWO Otto Lädrach AG

Worb, Canton of Bern, Switzerland


OLWO, a Worb-based family company in the wood sector, has covered seven storage depots with an area of around 8,800 m2 with 5,400 Trina Solar PC05A Honey modules with a power of 250 Wp each. This is the largest solar system on a pitched roof in Switzerland.

With a planned annual production of 1.35 million kWh, from now on, OLWA will cover around 60% of its electricity requirement from its own solar system. Because the wood processing company is dependent on base load energy, it feeds the solar power into the grid of BKW FMB Energie AG.

As a power-intensive production company, OLWO's aim is to achieve the greatest possible level of energy self-sufficiency. However, the realization of the solar system only became economically appealing due to the compensatory feed-in reimbursement scheme (KEV) and reduced plant costs due to intensified competition. The roofs of OLWO have been registered with Swissgrid for the KEV as of 2014.
Helion Solar AG from Bern, with representatives in many locations throughout Switzerland, is the consultant and contractor for the construction of the PV system.

The multicrystalline Honey TSM-PC05A module with its above-average efficiency rate approaches the performance of monocrystalline modules. New cell texturing reduces surface reflection from 23% to below 4%, which 

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