Retirement Home

Retirement Home

Muggió, Italy


MP Next, having much experience in the design of systems for both residential and industrial projects, is able to produce systems which successfully integrate the use of renewable sources and the necessary compliance with building regulations. In this project, a retirement home in Muggió, located North of Milan, the aim was to provide a rooftop PV system whilst bearing in mind the complex building and fire safety requirements, these being particularly important in a residential home for elderly people.

Energy efficiency would be improved by using renewable energy sources including solar photovoltaics. Designed by Trina Solar, the installation uses 409 Trinasmart modules incorporating innovative electronics from Tigo Energy and generating a higher energy yield through module-level DC power optimization. They comply with the highest levels of fire and safety regulations. The Trinasmart solution enables optimal usage of roof space resulting in a significant increase in output and increased safety, but also reduces the BOS costs.

Modules being already integrated into Trinasmart means that the cost is comparable to that of a standard installation. Real-time control is available via automatic monitoring so that components, or even the entire system, are switched off in the event of power failure.

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