Tambo Real II

Tambo Real II

Vicuña, Chile


Chile is home to some of the highest areas of solar irradiance anywhere in the world. However, despite the enormous potential to harvest solar energy, few utility providers have built successful projects, in large part due to the extreme climate conditions present in the country.

Kaltemp, one of Chile's leading home energy providers, decided to install their Tambo Real II solar array in the Atacama Desert, but the project faced unique challenges. Atacama has an abundance of sun exposure, but it also has severe heat and strong winds. To make the project viable, the Kaltemp partnered with Trina Solar because they knew Trina's high-quality products and innovative design would be able to perform well under these conditions. As the first project to connect to the SIC grid with a solar power plant under the 'Small and Medium Producer' law, Kaltemp and Trina Solar are leading the way for solar in Latin America.

To learn more about this project, download the complete case study here.

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