Trina Solar unleashes "desert power" with smart PV and energy storage solutions

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) will hold its grand opening next week in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. While the Middle East is endowed with abundant light resources, the arid desert topography poses significant challenges for PV and energy storage systems. Trina Solar, along with its partners, is actively unleashing the "power of the desert" around the world. From the first PV desalination project in Saudi Arabia to the first large-scale PV power plant in Uzbekistan, Trina Solar has transformed the golden dunes with cutting-edge technology for global customers.

Saudi Arabia's PV-powered desalination facility delivers the "spring of life"

Saudi Arabia's Jubail 3A desalination plant is the country's first large-scale integrated desalination facility to use PV as a supplementary power source, with Trina Solar's Vertex N 700W modules powering the entire 45.5MW installed capacity. The project, which is now operational, is designed to cover 20% of the water plant's daily energy usage while reducing carbon emissions by 60,000 tonnes per year. The tremendous economic and environmental benefits have won high recognition from the Saudi government and the owner.


(Photo credit: SEPCOIII)


70% of Saudi Arabia's drinking water originates from seawater desalination, but the accompanying massive energy consumption hinders green development, making clean energy a top concern.  As a result, the project uses reverse osmosis technology to desalinate saltwater and green solar energy to provide additional power supply. With a daily production capacity of 600,000 tonnes of water, it can supply drinking water to 3 million people and meet the growing demand for water along the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

Uzbekistan's first large-scale PV power plant "lights up" the desert

The Navoi Power Station, Uzbekistan's first large-scale PV power station, is critical to the growth of the country's PV industry. TrinaTracker, the project's sole tracker provider, helped build the plant and supplied 2,618 sets of Vanguard-2P trackers, making it Central Asia's first and largest project to deploy the unique trackers.



The power facility was connected to the grid more than two years ago and has been operating smoothly. The annual power generation can serve 31,000 local households and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 150,000 tonnes per year. Furthermore, the operation and maintenance of the power station have created local job opportunities and greatly strengthened the local economy.

Alxa combines PV and energy storage for green growth

The 100MW Ulan Buh Desert Management, Energy Storage, and PV Project is located in Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, which is home to the world's fourth largest desert. The area has been transformed into an "ocean of electricity" as a result of the big blue PV panels installed on the sand dunes, raising fresh expectations for Alxa's future.


Caption: The 100MW Ulan Buh Desert Management, Energy Storage, and PV Project powered by Trina Solar's Vertex modules


Trina Solar's Vertex series modules were used throughout the project. In accordance with the local terrain, 1x1 meter grass squares were planted between and around the PV arrays. These grass squares are sunk 60cm-80cm into the sand and exposed 20cm above the ground, effectively anchoring the sand against wind. Furthermore, the sheltered and low-wind habitat beneath the panels significantly enhances plant survival rates and creates new possibilities for ecological restoration.


Caption: The 30MW/60MWh energy storage system powered by Trina Solar's energy storage solutions


In addition, Trina Solar has helped to ensure a stable supply and effective use of electricity in the region. The 30MW/60MWh energy storage system powered by Trina Solar for Alxa League, with a single-system capacity of more than 5MWh, can considerably improve the power system's regulating capability, flexibility, and stability. It is expected to increase the local power generation revenue by RMB 2.12 million annually.

MEA has emerged as one of the world's most important markets for PV and energy storage. Trina Solar will continue to present its cutting-edge innovations, high-quality products, and superior services at this year's WFES, committed to its mission of "Solar Energy for All". Visit us at the Trina Solar booth (Hall 8 - 8110) from April 16 to 18, 2024!