Trina Solar’s 210Vertex, Vertex S rooftop orders exceed 2GW globally, opening up wider applications in Europe

At the end of March, Trina Solar, the world's leading global PV and smart energy total solutions provider released, the total volume of the orders for its distributed products Vertex 500W and Vertex S 405W has surpassed 2GW, which have spread their footprints all over the world with high reliability and power generation efficiency. In addition, the first batch of the Vertex S modules have arrived in Europe recently for mass installation in thousands of project sites.

From March 26th to March 28th, Trina Solar exhibited Vertex S 405W and Vertex 500W at the largest solar energy exhibition for residential and commercial segments in China, attracting wide attention. In fact, as early as February 2020, Trina Solar launched the distributed Vertex 500W module based on 210 technology, as MBB, non-destructive cutting and high-density cell interconnection, which was warmly welcomed by the market as soon as it was unveiled.

In November 2020, to meet the huge demand in the distributed market, Trina Solar launched the new series Vertex S, a new generation of high-efficiency PV modules specifically designed for distributed residential and commercial rooftop applications,. The product follows the 210mm cell technology, with output power exceeding 405W+ and module conversion rate over 21.1%.


Compared with traditional residential modules in the market, Vertex S features high reliability and high efficiency but small size and light weight, and presents flexible installation, good system adaptation, easy transportation, and environmental friendliness. With its diverse exterior design, it also supports more options to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial customers. According to calculations, on a 10m x 5m pitched roof, installed capacity can achieve 10.935 kW with Vertex S 405W modules, but only 10.125 kW with the 166mm 6 x 10 version of 375W modules.

Much faster and more economical, with Vertex 500W module, as measured, the installed capacity increases by 11% and 22% respectively compared to competitors’ 450W and 410W PV modules, with the same area. The 500W module can achieve a maximum power of 510w+ and a maximum efficiency of 21.2%+, saving RMB 0.08 yuan per watt, making it an excellent choice for distributed applications.


Because of their significant advantages, Trina Solar’s Vertex 500W and Vertex S have gone to the distributed market all over the world, recently arriving the Europe. Since the second half of 2020, the cumulative orders for Trina Solar's 210mm distributed products have topped 2GW.

Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of European Module Business at Trina Solar, said of the news: “We are experiencing strong market growth across Europe, thanks to the increasing momentum of renewable energy adoption. Vertex S is designed specifically for the European rooftop market and is a versatile solution for residential and commercial applications. Leveraging the advantages of Vertex S via our strong distribution network as well as commercial and industrial customers, Trina Solar is perfectly placed to meet the needs of the European residential and C&I market.”


To support the demands from the distributed market, Trina Solar has established an extensive network of distribution partners across the region. Likewise, the Company’s strong regional sales and service teams, locating in all major markets, are committed to serving customers with products of high reliability and service of high quality.