TrinaTracker secures order for 108MW smart solar tracking system in Colombia

TrinaTracker, the leading smart solar tracking solutions provider which is part of Trina Solar Co Ltd (SHA: 688599), has signed a solar tracker supply agreement with Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA), to supply the Tepuy Solar PV Park in Colombia with 108MW of smart tracking system, including TrinaTracker’s pioneering Vanguard 1P trackers, smart algorithms and Trina Smart Cloud platforms.

The Tepuy Solar PV Park is in the province of Antioquia province, northwestern Colombia. It is developed by Medellin Electric Power Company, the largest power generation company in the country. POWERCHINA undertakes EPC that includes the design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of the PV power station. TrinaTracker is the exclusive supplier for the project.

TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 1P trackers are designed for large solar power plants on flat terrain. The design requires fewer driving systems and controllers per megawatt, thus reducing material costs and saving on labor hours during project installation. Fewer pile foundations make the product a better match for cleaning robots, and bi-damper systems reduce the chance of trackers being damaged in high winds.

TrinaTracker’s smart tracking system is integrated with the tracker structure + algorithm + platform, and it includes tracker control unit, SuperTrack, and Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. The system can increase power generation up to 8% compared with that of conventional solar tracking systems. It also provides better monitoring functions of trackers during system operation, thus reducing client operational and maintenance costs, and decreasing losses of power generation.

Latin America is one of the most important markets for solar trackers, and Colombia, one of the largest economies in the region, has huge potential for the development of photovoltaic power generation. The international consulting company S&P Global says more than 80% of ground photovoltaic sites in Latin America use solar trackers, with market penetration significantly higher than the 45% global average.

TrinaTracker’s collaboration in the Tepuy project augurs well for more growth in the Latin American market. By introducing the most advanced smart solar tracking technology to the region and providing comprehensive system design, delivery and after-sales service, TrinaTracker will continue to drive the development of photovoltaic projects in Latin America, adding more much-needed green energy to the region.