Trina Solar, SOLA and WBHO Signed Partnership to Launch 195MW Springbok Utility Project Using Vertex N Modules
South Africa's First Private N-Type Utility Scale Project with Multiple Off Takers

South Africa, Johannesburg - Trina Solar, a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, proudly announces the commencement of the groundbreaking Springbok project in collaboration with SOLA and WBHO, marking a significant milestone in South Africa's renewable energy landscape. The signing ceremony for this monumental venture took place at Solar & Storage Live Africa, highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships in driving sustainable energy solutions. The Springbok project, located in South Africa’s Free State province, is the first and largest privately developed n-type utility-scale project in the country with a capacity of 195MW, standing as a landmark initiative. It is also the first project in South Africa to serve multiple off-takers.



"At Trina Solar, we are proud to contribute to South Africa's renewable energy landscape through the Springbok Project, which will mark a significant milestone in the nation's sustainable journey. Empowering Africa's transition towards renewable energy is fundamental to our mission. Through innovation and technological advancement, we're committed to providing accessible and efficient solar solutions, that propel the continent towards a greener, net-zero future." - Yang Bao, President, Global Sales & Marketing at Trina Solar

This innovative project will harness the power of advanced n-type technology, with Trina Solar supplying a total of 331,200 panels of Vertex N series modules (NEG19RC.20). Leveraging the 210mm product technology platform, these modules excel in power, efficiency, reliability, and levelized cost of energy (LCOE), and have gained recognition among global customers. The Vertex N modules, renowned for their high energy yield, are poised to deliver exceptional performance across diverse settings and weather conditions, setting a new standard for utility-scale photovoltaic projects in South Africa.

"Trina Solar is proud to supply its advanced Vertex N modules for the pioneering Springbok project and thereby delivering substantial value to our customers," commented Zaheer Khan, Regional Director of Southern Africa at Trina Solar. "Our decision to utilize n-type modules emphasizes our dedication to providing high-performance solutions that optimize energy yield, reduce BOS and lower LCOE. We are confident that our modules will deliver unparalleled results, further solidifying South Africa's position as a leader in renewable energy adoption."

WBHO also shared their enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its transformative impact on South Africa's energy landscape."We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative," added Derek Wallace, Managing Director of WBHO Construction’s Projects Division. "The Springbok project not only demonstrates the potential of renewable energy but also highlights our commitment to fostering sustainable development and driving economic growth in South Africa."

Leveraging on the success of the pioneering 135MW Merak 1 Project, which marked the inception of our partnership with SOLA and WBHO, as well as this groundbreaking 195MW Springbok project, Trina Solar looks forward to continuing such long-term collaboration with both parties to harness the collective expertise and drive further innovation.

As South Africa continues its transition towards renewable energy, Trina Solar remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the nation's journey towards carbon neutrality. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Trina Solar is playing a pivotal role in advancing the country's solar industry and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. With the integrated n-type industrial chain, high-quality products, and excellent service, the company will keep contributing to a net-zero future.