Solar with style: Trina Solar unveils new full black module, Vertex S+, to advance sustainable aesthetics for rooftops

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. ("Trina Solar" or the "company"), a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, has launched its new full black module, Vertex S+ 450W (NEG9R.25), designed specifically for high-end residential rooftops.

As world energy demands change and the need for sustainable growth grows, the global distributed photovoltaic (PV) market is experiencing explosive growth. Customers are increasingly demanding solar modules that are not only efficient and highly reliable but that are also aesthetically pleasing. To meet such needs, Trina Solar introduced the NEG9R.25 module with a full black aesthetic design, measuring 1762mm x 1134mm and weighing only 21kg. This innovative module incorporates advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology and has an impressive module output of 450W+ and efficiency of 22.5%.

Solar with style: Full black aesthetic design

Solar module appearance plays a crucial role in advancing the use of solar panels on residential rooftops which have a high-end aesthetic. Trina Solar foresaw this trend as early as 2021 and took the lead by introducing its Black Aesthetic Module Series. This innovative design, with its outstanding appearance, has been honored with the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

The new NEG9R.25 full black solar module inherits the black design concept of Trina Solar and incorporates it into every detail, using black cells, black frames, black encapsulants and thinner wires to achieve perfect black aesthetics. More importantly, high uniformity among all cells, between cells and frames, and between modules ensures the integrity in building exterior design with near-to-zero color difference. The full black NEG9R.25 modules create more visual quality for consumers on rooftops and promote the aesthetic experience of solar energy.

High reliability and sustainability: 1.6+1.6mm dual-glass structure

The 1.6+1.6mm dual glass design of the NEG9R.25 module offers exceptional durability and resilience. This dual glass design has high resistance to scratches, breakage and impacts, ensuring the module’s robustness in various environmental conditions. The dual glass design ensures the module’s extreme resistance to salt spray, acids, alkalis, high temperature and humidity, not only allowing the modules to pass 35mm hail tests but also meeting IEC fire ratings (Class A+C). The mono-facial dual glass module also demonstrates exceptional mechanical loading capabilities, supporting up to 5,400 Pa of snow load and 4,000 Pa of wind load. Additionally, the absence of a backsheet reduces the use of plastics, improving the module’s environmental credentials and recyclability.

Small in size, bigger on power

The NEG9R.25 dual-glass module combines advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology with 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cell technology, delivering robust power output of up to 450W and impressive efficiency of 22.5%. It boasts a longer lifespan, exhibits less light-induced degradation, and achieves higher conversion efficiency compared with that of p-type modules. 

Over 25 years this module can yield up to 15.1% more energy than a p-type module. With dimensions of 1762mm x 1134mm and a frame height of 30mm, the module is optimised for residential rooftops. Its excellent size and lightweight design facilitateseasy handling and installation, making it compatible with many mounting systems on the market. A three-cut design brings low current, while its high voltage ensures compatibility with a wide range of mainstream inverters and optimisers, andpromotes higher power generation.

Extended warranty, more reassurance

The NEG9R.25 stands out with its excellent product warranty covering up to 25 years, coupled with an impressive power warranty covering 30 years. It boasts ultra-low degradation rates, with an exceptionally minimal 1% degradation in the first year and 0.4% annual degradation. The NEG9R.25’s extended warranties and low degradation rates offer customers unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring the sustained effectiveness of their solar investment over many years.

Trina Solar will continue to focus on customer value and cut customer costs with advanced technology and reliable products to accelerate green and sustainable development worldwide.


Caption: New Trina Solar full black module, Vertex S+, to advance sustainable aesthetics for rooftops
Source: Trina Solar


About Trina Solar 

Trina Solar was founded in 1997. As a global leading provider for photovoltaic (PV) module and smart energy solutions, Trina Solar delivers PV products, applicationsand services to promote global sustainable development. Through constant innovation, Trina Solar continues to push the PV industry forward by creating greater grid parity of PV power and popularising renewable energy. Trina Solar's mission is to boost global renewable energy development around the world. 

To date, Trina Solar has delivered more than 170 GW of solar modules worldwide. In addition, Trina's downstream business includes solar PV project development, financing, design, construction, operations and management, and one-stop system integration solutions for customers. Trina Solar has connected over 9.5GW of solar power plants to the grid worldwide. Trina Solar first launched the Energy IoT brand in 2018 and is now aiming to be a global leader in smart energy. In June 2020, Trina Solar listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit  


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