Vertex S

MBB, 415-435W

  • Feature

    144 Celle


  • Feature


    Power Output Range

  • Feature


    Maximum Efficiency

  • Feature


    Positive Power Tolerance

Universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops

 • Compatible with mainstream optimizers,

   Inverters and mounting systems.

 • Flexible-installing & Easy-handling.

Small in size, big on power

Based on advanced technology from the Vertex platform. The upgrade Vertex S 430W module is up to 435W, 21.8% module efficiency with high density interconnect technology. It is perfectly designed to fulfill power, efficiency, size, weight, appearance, mechanical load, reliability requirements of rooftop application! Best balance of power and size & weight.

High Reliability Extended Vertex S Warranty

15 Years

Product Workmanship Warranty

25 Years

Performance Warranty

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