Trina Solar’s 2019-2020 CSR Series No. 3: Building a Sustainable Future

Welcome back to our series breaking down Trina Solar’s 2019-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. In our previous entries in this series, we discussed Trina’s trek toward its sustainable development goals and how the company cares for the planet.

In this third installment, we’ll discuss Trina Solar’s efforts in building a sustainable future by expanding beyond solar power, embracing social responsibilities and community outreach, and launching the 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance.


Beyond Solar Power

Although Trina Solar remains focused on providing high-quality and high-powered PV modules, we also pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing the solar industry. With this goal in mind in all phases in our operations, Trina continues to lead the way on advancing the PV industry in order to meet these challenges.

Some of these advancements include developing a patented spherical mechanism to improve power gains for TrinaTracker, and creating an all-in-one smart utility PV solution in TrinaPro. These allow Trina Solar to continue identifying and implementing new ways to lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and boost PV project value. 

In addition to better project value provided by these innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, Trina’s advancements ultimately lead to more PV deployment here in the U.S. and around the world.



Embracing Social Responsibilities and Community Outreach

The road to a sustainable future extends beyond renewable energy - although this is a major facet. A truly sustainable future also includes healthy work-life balance for employees, charitable donations and offerings, and a supply chain free of forced labor and conflict minerals.

At Trina Solar, we practice what we preach.

For our employees, we offer a variety of opportunities and benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance. Trina has implemented a set of Employees’ Rights that include all international conventions on human rights and labor standards, health insurance, vacation benefits, fair recruitment policies and more. 

And we work hand-in-hand with our partners, vendors, and distributors to ensure they also implement similar initiatives and policies. We also conduct third-party audits of our supply chain partners to confirm this, which helps us keep our supply chain free of human rights violations. 

The company also participates in projects that give back to communities. During this reporting period, Trina took part in the World On Wheels public welfare activity, an event that popularizes computer knowledge in India. Trina also donated more than 100KW of PV power generation systems to hospitals in Myanmar and Australia.

This ecosystem of social responsibility and community outreach promotes a healthy and happy work environment, and further highlights Trina’s commitment to its core values of sustainability.


The 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance

One company, no matter how large and innovative, will still have its limits on resources and reach. That’s why Trina Solar spearheaded the creation of the 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance to advocate for industry-wide standardization.

Now with more than 60 member companies from across the global solar industry, this historic alliance has brought together makers of silicon wafers, solar cells, PV modules, trackers, inverters, and materials and equipment manufacturers. The alliance aims to accelerate the global adoption of high-powered, high-efficiency large format modules. They’re accomplishing this through bridging communications gaps, increasing collaboration, and improving the value propositions for upstream and downstream solar companies. 

Bringing together all of these diverse companies into one alliance demonstrates the urgency in the PV industry to find common ground around standardized components. Standardization and open innovation will contribute greatly to increased deployment of the PV technologies necessary for creating the renewable energy economy. 

In every aspect of our company mission and culture, Trina Solar remains committed to building a sustainable future. Download Trina Solar’s 2019-2020 CSR Report to learn more, or reach out to the team at Trina Solar.

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