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Unlock your savings potential

With the DUOMAX 40-cell panel you can enhance the aesthetics of your home or business while enjoying the higher energy production and durability of the heat strengthened dual-glass design. Backed by Trina Solar’s 30-year linear power warranty, the optional transparent EVA of the DUOMAX panel is a perfect option for greenhouses, carports and other rooftops where you want sunlight to shine through while generating energy.

Benefits of clear EVA

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a polymer used in photovoltaic modules to encapsulate the PV cells, thereby ensuring insulation and durability. Using high transparency EVA at the back of the cell allows more sunlight to pass through, tailoring them for applications such as carports and greenhouses. In addition, transparent EVA also creates more aesthetically pleasing panels for your system.

Exceptional performance in harsh environments


Designed to reduce micro-cracking, UV ageing, degradation and corrosion, DUOMAX is ideal for uncompromising weather conditions.

Better Power Gurantee

With less than 0.5% annual power degradation, DUOMAX produces more energy over its lifetime and comes with a 30-year linear power warranty.


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DUOMAX White Paper Download

In this white paper you will learn everything about the DUOMAX products, the latest on dual glass technology.