DUOMAX twin-DEG5C.07(II)

Clear EVA-60 Cell

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    Monocrystalline Module

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Higher performance with strong core technologies

The core technology of Duomax twin lies in bifacial cell, in which Trina Solar has the most advanced R&D and industrialization strength. Trina Solar has the most mature production technology of dual-glass modules in the entire industry. With the integration of dual glass, MBB and half-cut technologies, Duomax twin could achieve higher energy performance.

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Trina’s Duomax Twin is a new bifacial module, which can convert light that strikes both the front face and the back face of the module into electricity. Under the same conditions, a bifacial module will produce more energy than a monofacial module with the same nameplate power.

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Optimal Combination: Bifacial Modules with Tracking

Duomax Twin absorbs solar radiation from both sides, with the bifacial rate up to 70%. Paired with a Tracker, you could get a 1+1>2 effect and improve the return on your investment. Compared to a conventional monofacial module as a benchmark, higher performance gain and lower LCOE will be achieved by using Duomax Twin modules + tracker.

Reduced BOS and Lower LCOE

With the price similar to monofacial modules, Duomax Twin bifacial module series can remarkably improve the energy output, thus increasing the system volume effectively and lowering the LCOE.

Higher reliability

Duomax Twin is ideal for diversified applications, like utility projects, C&I, agricultural & fishery projects. The unique module construction provide greater protection against PID. DUOMAX twin is less susceptible to micro-cracking module warping UV aging and corrosion from sand, acid, alkali and salt mist.