Optimization Inside the Panel

Compatible with Trina Solar Allmax module, Trinapeak improves the performance of your panels from within.

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The latest innovation in power optimizers

Trinapeak is a highly integrated power regulator that is placed on the cell-string within a solar panel. This makes Trinapeak the first electronic solution that improves the performance of the panel from within.

Higher performance and greater ROI

If a panel is experiencing shading or soiling, a panel-level optimizer will bypass an underperforming cell-string. However, with Trinapeak these cell-strings are optimized, allowing systems to perform to their full capability, increase the overall energy output and maximize the return on investment.

Greater energy density and design flexibility

By enabling more flexibility in system design, Trinapeak enables higher energy density than conventional systems. Due to Trinapeak’s improved shading and soiling tolerance, you can allow for shade and less interrow spacing in your design. Furthermore, Trinapeak’s sub-module level optimization allows for modules at different orientations, module of different power ratings and unequal string lengths.

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While module-level DC optimizers offered significant performance gains, engineers soon realized greater gains could be found in cellstring optimization. 

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