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C&I Solutions

Maximize project value for 250kW to 20MW installations.

The C&I Solutions team partners with EPCs and developers to make procurement easy and seamless, bundling modules, inverters and racking systems into innovative all-in-one solutions.

Download our brochure and discover how the C&I team helps our partners achieve better power gains and lower LCOE on commercial projects.


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Maximize C&I Solar Project Value

The C&I Solutions team understands what it takes to maximize the value of a commercial solar project by lowering LCOE and optimizing CAPEX.


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Adaptable for Any Project Size

C&I Solutions helps developers and EPCs incorporate Tier-1 solar modules, racking and inverters into a seamless and customizable design.

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One-Stop Procurement

By streamlining procurement through a single point of contact, commercial solar projects stay on schedule.

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Dedicated Service Teams with Ongoing Assistance

Our experienced supply chain managers, application engineers and logistic experts custom scope each project, manage procurement and ensure project value. Operations and maintenance (O&M) programs are available for ongoing system support. 

Best Practices for EPCs and Developers

See how C&I solar EPCs and developers can optimize system design, maximize energy production and grow their businesses.

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