Proven track record and abundant pipeline

Over the last two decades, Trina Solar has emerged as a top-tier project developer worldwide, fostering reliable and long-term partnerships. Our team’s track record of 3+ GW of grid-connected projects globally and in the US speaks for itself.

3+ GW
Project completed
7+ GW
Global pipeline
16+ Years
Development experience

Partner with our US development team!

For Land Owners


1. Stable partner with global resources and local knowledge

2. Premium long-term lease and purchase offer

3. Simple and transparent transaction

For Developers


1. Co-develop with bankable industry leader

2. Secure development capital options

3. Local resources and staff support

For Contractors


1. Lock in construction contract

2. Earn additional development and finders’ fee

3. Access to global resources

Trina Developed/ Constructed Projects

California, US

4.3MW Single-axis tracker

West Raynham, UK

50MW Fixed-tilt

Miyagi Ishinomaki, Japan

14MW Fixed-tilt

Olivillo, Chile

10.4MW Fixed-tilt

Homeland, UK

13.2MW Fixed-tilt

Ishikawa, Japan

1.5MW Fixed-tilt

Aguascalientes, Mexico

133MW Fixed-tilt

S.Aether, Greece

8.5MW Fixed-tilt

Yunnan Jianshui, China

300MW Fixed-tilt

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