Now is a great time for HVAC and electrical contractors to look into the opportunities available from offering solar, particularly for the C&I market. As more retail and office spaces look to take advantage of the benefits offered by solar power, HVAC and electrical contractors occupy a niche uniquely capable of servicing this demand.

It might seem a bit counterintuitive to start making any business plans right now due to the circumstances, but there’s more at work in the solar industry than meets the eye.

While the current slowdown is impacting solar in the short-term, industry analysts remain optimistic for a bullish rebound if the pandemic can be contained within a few months. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that solar PV installation occupations will experience a 63 percent growth rate between 2018 and 2028. Some regions, such as California, have already labeled solar installers as essential workers, which will further stem the blunt of the slowdown.

Not only do industry analysts remain optimistic for a swift recovery, many see the solar power sector emerging from the crisis ready for rapid growth to make up for lost time. With some strategizing and pivoting, HVAC contractors and electrical contractors can position their businesses to begin offering solar options. 

Consider these three smart reasons why offering solar can benefit your HVAC or electrical contracting company:

1. You might already have the equipment and know-how 

For many HVAC and electrical contractors, adding solar to your offering requires little to no up-front capital investment needed for specialty tools or equipment. From scissor lifts to ladders, and from electrical to specialty tools, there’s not much else needed beyond what you likely already have at hand.

Further, you might already have familiarity with the local zoning laws and permitting codes, which can help you navigate the laws and codes associated with solar installations.

Additionally, there are plenty of easily accessible photovoltaic installation and sales training classes online to help get you started, such as Solar Energy International or Everblue.

2. You’re already selling energy efficiency

Solar energy ties in perfectly with HVAC, as solar overlaps with services you might currently offer, such as home/unit performance and energy efficiency.

As an HVAC professional, you understand the interplay between heating, cooling and proper ventilation, all of which contribute to a building’s energy efficiency. Combined with weatherization, such as insulation and radiant barriers, solar provides another way for customers to “reduce before you produce” in creating an energy-efficient space. 

3. Now you have access to high-quality components in a streamlined manner

Up until fairly recently, smaller HVAC and contractors had difficulty gaining access to world-class modules and solar components. Most, if not all, orders needed to go through solar distributors that would favor larger developers and installations. 

Trina Solar, however, changed the game by offering a C&I solar solution that makes it easy for companies of all sizes to access high-quality solar modules, inverters and racking. HVAC and electrical contractors can now provide prospective customers, especially in the C&I solar sector, solar options to save them money on their energy bills. Partnering with Trina Solar gives contractors access to a premiere C&I solar solution that can accommodate a wide range of generation capacities and project sizes, whether for single projects or larger project portfolios. This covers fixed-tilt ground mount installations, single-axis trackers, rooftop mounting, canopies and many more designs and sizes.

Looking for more information on how your HVAC or electrical contracting company can offer C&I solar solutions? Contact the experts at Trina Solar today to learn more.

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