A Look Back at a Momentous Year for Trina Solar

As the sun sets on 2023, we wanted to reflect on Trina Solar's phenomenal journey this year as a global leader in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. With a legacy spanning 26 years, Trina Solar continues to set the standard for innovation, reliability, and sustainability. 


Let’s take a look at another year of groundbreaking achievements and advancements. 


Global Solar PV Leader

Through the end of the third quarter, Trina Solar shipped 45-46GW of modules, bringing cumulative global shipments to over 170GW, a testament to our enduring commitment to powering the world sustainably.


Meanwhile, cumulative shipments of 210mm modules exceeded 90GW by Q3 2023, securing our place as the global leader in this category. Our 210R module shipments exceeded 15GW, all powered by our leading n-type TOPCon Advanced technology and the promise of continued growth through Vertex N modules, vertical n-type capacity layout, and integrated PV and energy storage solutions.


We achieved a significant milestone in August when we ushered in the PV 7.0 era with the mass production of Vertex N 700W modules. These cutting-edge modules have found homes in diverse settings worldwide, breathing life into subsidence areas, seawater desalination plants, and utility-scale power stations in high-altitude, low-temperature regions. 


Building Solar Dreams in Texas

But perhaps the year's biggest news was the announcement of our Wilmer, Texas, manufacturing facility—a goal realized through collaboration with community members, partners, and local and state officials. The 1.35 million square foot solar PV manufacturing facility, with an investment exceeding $200 million, is set to create 1,500 local jobs, bringing our commitment to domestic manufacturing to the forefront.


Visionary PV Innovation for A More Sustainable Tomorrow

As we look forward to 2024, the Wilmer facility is poised to produce 5 GW of N-type TOPCon modules alongside P-type modules. These Vertex N modules, known for reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for utility-scale solar installations, will be vital to supplying the high-powered, high-efficiency, and high-performance solar energy necessary to power the country’s decarbonization transition.


Upgrades for the Vertex n-type series are also on the horizon, with the most powerful module in the series set to generate over 700W. Our Vertex N 610W modules and 435W Vertex S+ modules exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology, providing more installation capacity, and delivering power efficiently.


A Year of Unmatched Bankability

Our unwavering commitment to module performance and reliability has not gone unnoticed. PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) recognized Trina Solar as a Top Performer in its 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard for the ninth consecutive year. The RETC 2023 PV Module Index Report named us as an “Overall Highest Achiever,” emphasizing the outstanding performance of the Vertex N 700W series modules.


PV Tech's PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings continually placed us in the top AAA category in its quarterly rankings, reinforcing our leadership in reliability, advanced technology, shipments, and financial performance.


In a bankability study on our complete Vertex n-type portfolio, UL Solutions affirmed the outstanding product reliability and lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Our Vertex N modules, covering large, medium, and small-format modules, were proven to comply with safety standards and offer superior performance, reducing LCOE by 5.8%.


Recognized and Celebrated Together

Beyond the numbers, industry experts from BloombergNEF, PV power station developers, EPC firms, and design institutes joined us in a heartening panel discussion titled “210mm n-type technology outlook.” We explored the trends and applications of cutting-edge PV technology, confirming that Trina Solar's 210mm n-type solution aligns with customers' scenario-based needs and the "LCOE-oriented principle," propelling the industry into a new age of high-efficiency n-type modules.


Trina Solar's 2023 journey has been more than a series of achievements; it's been a collective effort toward a brighter, more sustainable future. As the sun rises on 2024, Trina Solar remains committed to lighting the way, leading the charge for a world powered by warmth, innovation, and reliability.

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