In big news for the solar industry, Trina Solar launched the new TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ series of trackers compatible with the Vertex 550W, 600W and 660W modules. The Vanguard tracker series delivers increased power gain, reduced levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and optimized system value. 

The TrinaTracker Vanguard Series increases yield gain by 3-8 percent compared to the traditional astronomical algorithm in legacy tracking systems. The system accomplishes this by using an intelligent algorithm independently developed by Trina Solar. The algorithm allows the SuperTracker to learn from high-diffuse irradiance weather conditions in order to determine the best angle for modules. This dynamically boosts yield in diffuse conditions, reduces shading loss and maximizes power gains for the PV system. 

In addition to the higher energy gain, the TrinaTracker Vanguard series helps reduce LCOE by lowering construction and operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. This cost-saving stems from the easy-to-install design and easily replaceable parts for the system. Meanwhile, TrinaTracker’s optimized bearing provides more stability and adjustability. 

The tracker’s two-in-portrait configuration allows for up to 120 modules per tracker and up to 4 strings of 1500V system per row. With a standard configuration of seven piles per row, this means up to 45 percent fewer piles.

Further, with a unified contact channel between modules and trackers, developers and EPCs can streamline procurement. 

Tested and Certified Reliability

Trina received IEC 62817 Certification for the TrinaTracker Vanguard Series. The Certification Entity for Renewable Energies (CERE), a global leader for independent testing, certification and inspection, verified the process.

IEC 62817 is a design qualification standard for solar trackers on PV systems. It defines test procedures that ensure trackers meet accepted industry parameters. The certification also separates trackers that are sound and suitable for use from those likely to have early failures due to design. 

TrinaTracker Vanguard underwent all major tests in CERE’s advanced large-scale simulation test laboratory and passed more than 20 reliability assessments, among them:


  • functional test for tracking system
  • expediting circulation test
  • UV test
  • deformation test under static load
  • mechanical slip and recoil test
  • control cabinet vibration
  • impact test under transportation


"Trina Solar's new generation of TrinaTracker Vanguard series passed IEC certification in one go,” said Miguel Martinez, CERE Certification Manager. “It shows Trina Solar's continuous investment in reliability research and module compatibility." 

The TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ series has also passed TUV and UL certifications, conforming with IEC 62817 and UL 3703 standards. 

With the 600W modules and 210mm wafers now industry standard for ultra-higher high power modules, TrinaTracker Vanguard further optimizes the energy yield for these PV systems. This increased yield and reduced LCOE comes in addition to the lower LCOE already offered by the Vertex 600W modules, as confirmed by DNV GL. 

Reach out to Trina Solar today to learn more about how TrinaTracker Vanguard improves yield and reduces LCOE.



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