The Power of True Solar Innovation

As the solar industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds, Trina Solar remains dedicated to perfecting and producing the innovations necessary to fuel this growth.

From breaking records in solar cell efficiency to building more durable solar modules, there’s plenty of ways to implement innovative new features and components. But what makes a solar company truly innovative in this sector when compared to its peers and competition?

Why Does Solar Power Innovation Matter?

Although it seems like everyone is hopping on the solar power bandwagon nowadays, it might come as a surprise that solar still falls under the emerging industry classification. Yet when compared to mature industries, like the automobile or the railroad, PV solar is still relatively young.

This means there’s lots of room for growth, disruption, and competition for market share. Perhaps the biggest area for accomplishing this feat involves solar innovation. By boosting efficiency, fine-tuning techniques to capture more sunlight, increasing energy output, and many other ways, solar companies continue to constantly push the envelope on what’s possible with solar energy.

With so much growth and disruption happening in this sphere, it’s crucial that project managers, investors, and other stakeholders know how their solar partners stack up to their peers. After all, innovative breakthroughs remain a key component of long-term viability and bankability for a solar company.

Trina Solar Defines and Redefines Cutting-Edge Solar Innovation

For the past two decades, Trina Solar has been at the forefront of solar innovation. With its State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology serving as an international hub for robust research and development, Trina Solar continues to develop the solar technology of the future, today.

The company has been hard at work, filing 1588 patents with 835 of them approved. All of this R&D has led to game-changing breakthroughs for performance and sustainability. Since 2011, Trina Solar has broken 18 world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar power output.

These awards and achievements led to the development of Trina Solar’s 72-cell bifacial monocrystalline silicon DUOMAX-TWIN modules. With its 18.4 percent efficiency and 365W front-side power output, the DUOMAX-TWIN modules raised the bar on expectations for solar panel power generation.

In addition to the new standards set by the DUOMAX-TWIN, Trina Solar’s SPLITMAX broke new ground by utilizing half-cut cells, split junction boxes, and a unique interconnection system. This innovative design keeps solar cell cooler by reducing the temperature of the junction box. Combined with a lower energy lost due to soiling and shading, the SPLITMAX boosts efficiency by more than 17 percent.

TrinaPro Brings Innovation to New Heights

Developing and manufacturing innovative solar cells and modules is only half of the equation, and remaining innovative goes beyond simply undertaking the R&D needed to create new technologies. In fact, that’s the easy part. It’s just complex and ground-breaking math and science, after all.

True innovation involves re-imagining the entire way people do business. That’s where TrinaPro comes into the picture.

TrinaPro, a one-stop shop for solar project procurement, represents a major step in a new direction. By adding value at every phase of utility-scale and C&I solar development, from conception through to completion, TrinaPro goes beyond simply technological innovation and shows exactly how a solar company can be truly innovative.

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