RE+ 2023: A Recap of Key Highlights and Industry Milestones

RE+ 2023 notched another incredible year in showcasing the solar industry’s remarkable transformation! This premier event, among North America's largest clean energy gatherings, brought together more than 40,000 industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to celebrate the considerable progress made in the solar and solar storage sectors.


In case you missed it or want to relive it, we'll take you through the exciting highlights, trends, and announcements from RE+ 2023.

Uncertainties and Opportunities

Despite the event’s optimism, some challenges remain in the American clean technology manufacturing sector. Short-term market conditions have led to PV module oversupply, pushing prices down, while lingering questions about the solar supply chain remained at the top of many people’s minds.


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IRA) was a big talking point for most attendees. This landmark legislation provides much-needed support to accelerate renewable energy deployment and decarbonize the country’s economy.


Another major highlight included the event’s staggering growth over last year’s 27,000 attendees, a great indicator of solar’s increasing popularity. However, amidst this surge, many in the industry have voiced concerns about how to stay competitive as new companies enter the market and established players continue to expand. We found that to remain competitive, companies are embracing cutting-edge technologies like n-type TOPCon and solutions, including solar trackers and solar storage.

Trina Solar: Leading the Charge in Solar Innovation

At the heart of RE+ 2023 was Trina Solar, demonstrating how it’s reshaping the solar industry landscape with advanced PV technology and a suite of vertically integrated solutions, including TrinaTracker, TrinaStorage, and Trinahub.


Trina Solar presented its new Vertex N and Vertex S+ modules, featuring 210mm n-type TOPCon advanced technology. These modules offer improved efficiency, long-term reliability, and lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for various applications, from residential and commercial rooftops to utility-scale power plants.


Additionally, the company unveiled the bifacial 695W Vertex N module with up to 22.4% efficiency. Trina recently set a record as the first mass-produced n-type TOPCon module exceeding 700W. 


A scale model of the TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P solar tracker was on display. Visitors noted that Trina’s solution offering with a tracker is super important for their projects. Designed for large solar power plants on flat terrain, the tracker’s innovative design requires fewer driving systems and controllers per megawatt, lowering the average pile foundation consumption by 18%. Fewer pile foundations provide savings on labor costs during project installation and reductions on O&M costs over the system’s lifespan. 

TrinaStorage Elementa Introduced

Visitors were particularly intrigued by the Elementa utility-scale battery system, equipped with TrinaCell technology, boasting an ultra-long lifecycle of over 12,000 cycles. Trina Storage also introduced its in-house Energy Management System (E²MS), designed for efficient control, monitoring, and optimization of energy flows. Trina Storage has ambitious expansion plans, targeting 12GWh of energy storage capacity by the end of 2023 and 25GWh by mid-2024.


The long-term benefits of energy storage, like strengthening resilience with backup power during outages, continue to drive its adoption. 

Trinahub Partner Portal Launched

The event marked the official launch of Trinahub, a partner portal connecting Trina Solar with customers and industry stakeholders. Trinahub enhances the customer experience, strengthens channel relationships, and fosters a partner digital marketing ecosystem with valuable online resources.


Trina Solar held Customer Networking Lunches to connect solar professionals from every sector to participate in our cozy luncheon sessions and learn about the latest in solar cell technology and solar supply chain solutions while getting a chance to network.

Modules Made in America: Trina Solar's $200 Million Investment

On the first day of RE+, Trina Solar made a groundbreaking announcement of its more than $200 million investment in a state-of-the-art solar PV manufacturing facility in Wilmer, Texas. This facility will begin production in 2024 and will manufacture Vertex solar modules using 210 mm large-size wafers and cutting-edge technology. This move aligns with the company's vision to support American manufacturing and serve the growing U.S. solar market.


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Trina Solar's pioneering technologies, the rise of solar + storage solutions, and the push for American manufacturing marks a new era of clean energy. While challenges persist, the industry's determination to innovate and grow remains stronger than ever. Welcome to the future of affordable, abundant, and homegrown energy.

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