Trina Solar US: PV Module Bankability Across the Board

On the heels of another incredibly strong year and following a successful 2021, Trina Solar was again recognized as fully bankable in the 2022 PV Module and Inverter Bankability report issued by BloombergNEF (BNEF). 

BNEF used three key indicators in its bankability determination:

  1. BNEF Bankability Survey Results - Trina Solar stands alone as the only module manufacturer the BNEF survey rated as bankable for seven consecutive years by 100% of the industry respondents participating.

  2. PVEL Module Scorecard - Trina Solar’s eighth consecutive listing as a Top Performer in the annual PVEL Module Scorecard, one of only two module manufacturers to achieve this feat. 

  3. Shipment & Capacity - Trina Solar crossed a significant milestone in 2022 by passing over 100GW+ PV modules shipped globally during its 25-year history. The company’s module production capacity is on track to reach 65GW+ and 50GW+ cell production capacity in 2022.


What the BNEF Bankability Report Covers


The BloombergNEF PV Module and Inverter Bankability report has a rating process that considers the following: 


  • Bankability survey

  • Capacity installed in the field

  • Financial stability

  • Independent field testing

  • Supply Chain

  • Quality Assurance (Factory Audit)


And some of the factors that play a role in influencing the level of bankability:


  • Brand awareness

  • Customer Complaint and Warranty

  • After-sales service quality

  • Stable and competitive price

  • Contract fulfillment performance

  • Outstanding module performance (reliability, structural integrity, handling, and installation)


Trina succeeds in these factors by delivering reliable, high-quality, and comprehensive solutions at every level. 


Taking “Solar Efficiency” Up a Notch


Trina Solar continues to impress industry watchers because of the company’s practical solutions that simplify project processes, from manufacturing to procurement to installment to energy savings. Reaching a more efficient and equitable future requires more than installing high-powered PV modules — it requires seamless overall integration, which Trina delivers through these solutions.


TrinaPro Utility-Scale Solution

TrinaPro is an all-in-one utility-scale solar solution that streamlines the procurement process for financiers, developers, and EPCs while improving purchase order management, supply chain logistics, and installation processes. This solution ensures optimized component interoperability and deploys an innovative high-voltage, low-string design to deliver more BOS savings, higher power gains, and improved project value. 


Trina Solar C&I Solutions

By teaming partners with EPCs and developers, Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions maximizes the value of commercial solar projects, making installations simpler, faster, and more efficient. From community solar projects to microgrids, Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions are ideal for optimizing ground-mount or rooftop projects and reducing project LCOE.



TrinaTracker uses a patented spherical bearing mechanism to reduce operational risks and improve performance for solar projects. As part of the bundled TrinaPro and Trina Solar C&I Solutions, TrinaTracker tailors the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilt systems and trackers to deliver higher energy gains and more project value. 


Trina Solar US Advantage

The Trina Solar US Advantage provides certainty for residential module installers and homeowners. Trina Solar accomplishes this with a complete local support network for US-based distributors, suppliers, and installers. All residential products automatically come with the TrinaProtect 25/25 warranty for unrivaled customer peace of mind.


Prepping for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Trina continues to earn this prestigious industry recognition because of the company’s forward-looking efforts, investments, and innovations. From building state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to offering extensive support networks for facilitating overall procurement, financing, and installation processes, to creating opportunities for its customers and end users, Trina remains committed to building a more sustainable future.


Trina Solar earned its seventh consecutive BNEF bankability ranking and looks forward to earning it again next year.


Reach out to us to learn more about what makes Trina Solar PV modules one of the industry’s most bankable.


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