Trina Solar 2022: A Momentous Year in Review

As we gear up for 2023, we wanted to reflect on a few achievements and share our major milestones from 2022. This year’s end feels more impactful than previous years because, in 2022, Trina Solar celebrated its 25th anniversary, while surpassing 100 GW of global module shipments.


And while a 25th anniversary is an accomplishment in and of itself — 25 years equals one entire module lifecycle. This achievement has put us on a path forward, allowing us to do more at a rapid rate to continue building a more sustainable future.


Here are some of the highlights that made us proud in 2022:


Recognized as Fully Bankable

Trina Solar was recognized as fully bankable in the 2022 PV Module and Inverter Bankability report from BloombergNEF (BNEF). This prestigious recognition makes Trina Solar the only module manufacturer rated fully bankable for seven consecutive years by 100% of BNEF’s survey’s participating industry respondents.


Module Shipment Milestone and Growing Capacity

During its 25-year history, 2022 was the year that saw Trina Solar pass over 100GW+ PV modules shipped globally. And further, the company’s module production capacity is on track to reach 65GW+ and 50GW+ cell production capacity by the end of the year.


Launched the Vertex N and Vertex S+ PV Modules

Trina unveiled Vertex N and Vertex S+ modules. These innovative designs use 210mm n-type solar cell technology to establish a new standard for utility, Commercial & Industrial (C&I), and residential solar. 


For those in the utility and C&I space, the Vertex N can increase module efficiency by up to 22% and provide up to 590W of power compared to traditional module types. While the residential Vertex S+ boasts higher power gains, delivers more customer value, and takes on a more modern and sophisticated look with its sleek design. After all, homeowners look for style in addition to efficiency.


Took Center Stage at RE+

At the premier event for clean energy in North America, Trina Solar’s booth was full of cheers and celebrations as Trina showcased innovative technologies for a more sustainable future. 


RE+ is the most comprehensive convention for renewable energy leaders, of which Trina was a standout. In addition to unveiling the new n-type Vertex N and Vertex S+ modules, Trina Solar highlighted a collection of smart solutions as well, demonstrating the support and facilitation for optimizing PV power generation and lowering LCOE across markets at every level. 


Some of the standouts:


  • TrinaPro Utility-Scale Solution: Streamlines the procurement process for financiers, developers, and EPCs, while also improving purchase order management, supply chain logistics, and installation processes.


  • Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions: Maximizes the value of C&I solar projects, making installations simpler, faster, and more efficient, from large manufacturing rooftop PV systems to ground-mounted community solar projects.


  • TrinaProtect: Provides residential customers peace of mind with our industry-leading 25-year performance and 25-year product warranty program.


  • TrinaTracker: Tailors design, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilt systems and trackers, which maximizes power generation and reduces LCOE for TrinaPro utility-scale and C&I Solutions projects.


Unveiled The Trina Solar US Advantage

Trina understands that being an industry-leading module manufacturer is one thing, but building a more sustainable future means facilitating support wherever possible. That’s why in addition to the utility-scale and C&I solutions listed above, Trina unveiled the Trina Solar US Advantage in 2022. 


The Trina Solar US Advantage provides certainty for residential module installers and homeowners by providing the following:


  • A complete local support network for US-based distributors, suppliers, and installers

  • A dedicated US supply chain that sources all modules from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and Thailand


Featured in “Inside The Blueprint” Segment 

Foundation Communities, a Texas-based affordable housing nonprofit, pays its residents’ utility costs and has ambitious sustainability goals. 


As part of its effort to lower energy costs and achieve its ESG goals, Foundation Communities decided to install a 175KW rooftop PV solar system at one of its properties, the Waterloo Terrace apartment complex in Austin, TX.


Spear Commercial & Industrial—an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company focusing on C&I solar projects—was chosen to facilitate the project. To deliver optimal project value for Foundation Communities, Spear took advantage of Trina’s smart C&I Solutions to streamline and enable the most efficient and cost-effective project possible. 


Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions team streamlined procurement, significantly reducing the number of vendors and suppliers involved for Spear. Then, the C&I Solutions team designed the system to ensure a seamless installation and optimized component interoperability, making Spear’s choice to partner with Trina a major success.


The partnership realized it had an inspiring story to tell, so they brought it to “Inside the Blueprint,” a news segment highlighting innovative construction and architecture works. And well, let’s just say you should see the results for yourself here.


Focused on Tomorrow

Trina’s 25th year was successful because the module manufacturer broadened its horizons, setting sights on new and innovative possibilities and providing solutions for every level of the solar industry.


2022 was a significant step forward, but Trina Solar is already looking toward 2023 to continue building a more sustainable future.

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