Trina Solar announces high honors in IHS Markit PV Module Supplier Scorecard


In our efforts to remain an industry leader in the solar PV sector, Trina Solar is pleased to announce receiving an overwhelmingly positive review from one of the industry's most respected organizations.

Trina Solar took home the top spot for market presence, according to the 2016 IHS Markit PV Module Supplier Scorecard. With high marks in nearly every category, the report is yet another example of Trina Solar's commitment to excellence in delivering solar power to the world.

"IHS Markit evaluated the largest module suppliers based on nine different metrics to arrive at the overall scores," explained Edurne Zoco, senior manager, solar research at IHS Technology. "This scorecard takes into account a company's current market and financial position, as well as its potential to cope with the next wave of challenges faced by the solar industry."

How Trina Solar ranked

IHS Markit, a global business information provider, publishes its Scorecard to address the industry's demand for a holistic overview of the PV module supplier base. This year, IHS Markit's report ranked Trina either at or near the top of the list for the following categories:

  • Leading global market share
  • Strong position in all major regions
  • Completeness of product offerings
  • Overall market presence
  • Market momentum

Trina Solar is proud to be at the top of the IHS Markit PV Module Supplier Scorecard in its first release, and we are committed to repeating this feat for many more years to come.

From humble beginnings in Changzhou, China, to a global footprint, Trina Solar has expanded into countries all across the world, with corporate offices in China, the U.S., Switzerland and Singapore, and with regional branches in more than 10 countries, providing Trina with a presence on every continent. 

Due to our capacity levels and planned shipments through 2015, PV-Tech included Trina Solar on its 'Silicon Module Super League' of major players within this steadily growing industry.

In the latest bankability survey performed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Trina Solar was named the most bankable PV module company with 100% of respondents calling Trina bankable. Trina Solar has the financial strength to compete in the solar PV market for years to come.

Vertically integrated solutions

As a vertically integrated company, Trina Solar has the means and the ability to maintain a high level of quality assurance through our entire manufacturing process, from the initial research and development through to point of sale. From implementing purity and electrical-properties tests to ensuring an optimal silicon quality to undertaking material and electrical property tests as well as geometry tests for the wafer quality, Trina Solar works hard to make sure our products are built to the best standards possible.

With the high quality and certified safety of our solar cells and panels, Trina Solar continues to be an industry standard and drive the development and innovation in the solar PV sector.

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