Trina Solar innovations displayed at SPI this year

As a market leader, Trina Solar attended Solar Power International - one of the world's biggest showcases for everything currently happening in the world of solar power, along with what tomorrow holds in store for this renewable energy source.

There was a lot to be excited about in 2017. Not only is Trina continuing its' partnership with world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, but we were also excited to introduce attendees to all of our innovative new products.


Get energy from both sides of the module with DUOMAX-TWIN

Instead of just collecting sunlight from one side, the DUOMAX Twin utilizes bifacial solar cells that generate more energy than traditional panels.

Greater energy production - Bifacial cells produce energy from light that hits the back of the modules as well. This means you get more power by using diffused and reflected sunlight.

More productive times - The energy boost from the back of the module causes the system to exceed minimum input voltage of the inverter in the early morning and late afternoon. This enables the PV system to be on longer, generating more energy every day.

Better durability - The dual-glass design leads to better durability and increased resistance to environmental damage and micro-cracks. A 30-year power warranty with a 0.5% degradation rate guarantees lower degradation and a longer life with the DUOMAX-TWIN, enabling faster return on investment for customers.

The DUOMAX-TWIN features include:

  • 72-cell bifacial monocrystalline silicon.

  • 365W front-side power output.

  • 18.4% efficiency.

  • 0~+5W power output tolerance.


SPLITMAX uses split-cell design for more power

Another innovative new design from Trina Solar is the SPLITMAX module that employs half-cut cells,  split junction boxes and a unique interconnection system for greater energy output and loss minimization.

Half-cell design reduces power loss that's internal to the cell by a factor of four. This results in a higher fill factor and better energy yields, especially at times of high solar irradiance. The SPLITMAX features three split junction boxes that result in a temperature reduction of between 15 and 20°C, keeping cells cooler and more efficient.

The new interconnect design results in less energy lost to shading or soiling, while the half-cells increase durability by reducing cell damage due to mechanical loading.

The SPLITMAX features include:

  • 144 polycrystalline silicon split-cells.

  • 345W power output.

  • 17.4% efficiency.

  • 0~+ 5W power output tolerance.


ALLMAX M Plus maximizes space with higher power

The ALLMAX M Plus module's sleek black-on-black design gives it an elegant and stylish appeal that looks good on any roof. Not only are they visually stunning, their 12-busbar design allows you to maximize space in your solar PV system while generating more power.

The ALLMAX M Plus features include:

  • 60-cell monocrystalline silicon.

  • 315W power output.

  • 19.2 percent efficiency.

  • 0~+5W power output tolerance

The ALLMAX M Plus offers a feature option of using a Pegasus-integrated rail for easy installation.


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