Trina Solar is proud to announce the launch of our updated website. The redesign accompanies the recent refresh of Trina Solar's brand. Combined, these changes will better deliver Trina's vision of popularizing green energy, combating climate change and fostering eco-civilization.

The redesign makes the website easy to navigate and ensures the content is more responsive to readers. With improved graphics and a streamlined interface, the updated website provides a better user experience while still highlighting Trina's dedication to developing technological innovations and transforming them to customer values.

In addition, the relaunched website will continue to provide access to the extended line of high-quality products offered by Trina Solar, including 1500V panels, frameless modules, and smart solar solutions.

Trina Solar will also continue to deliver engaging and informative news and content on the growing strength of the solar industry, renewable energy sources and environmental stewardship.

With a global footprint and a commitment to bringing clean energy to the world, Trina Solar has become an influential leader in the solar industry providing reliable and highly efficient modules, solutions and services.

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