Trina Solar and design software company Aurora Solar are partnering with Greentech Media, a leading green technology news outlet, for a webinar on selectively deploying optimizersusing solar modeling software to increase the energy yield from a solar PV system.

The hour-long webcast will cover how selectively deployed module-level power electronics can improve the performance of a PV module and how Trinaflex allows you to design a system with selectively deployed optimizers. Additionally, presenters will discuss how consumers can select the right optimization level for their systems. MLPEs are being increasingly used in the solar industry as a way to mitigate energy losses caused by factors such as shade, dust accumulation, variable degradation rates and power bin mismatch. However, as more of this technology becomes available, consumers might be confused on how to select the right module and optimization system for their unique situation.

"As more of this technology becomes available, consumers might be confused on how to select the right module and optimization system."

Trina Solar will discuss the latest in smart modules and solutions, while Aurora Solar will demonstrate their modeling software, which allows consumers to design systems based on 3D renderings of real-world environments in order to choose the MLPE for each individual module in a system.

Optimization solutions from Trina

For the webinar, Trina Solar will walk viewers through its innovative Trinasmart solution, a system that combines Trina's high performance modules with optimizer and monitoring technology. Through Trinasmart, panel operators can maximize roof space and overall power output to increase the project's economic gains.

Trinasmart's technology determines the optimal operating point for each module in an array. If a panel is experiencing diminished output due to shading or other factors, Trinasmart's "Impedance Matching" technology will prevent the panel from lowering the output for the entire array. Trinasmart is able to increase the power output for arrays affected by shading by up to 20 percent, and can also increase the output for arrays installed under ideal conditions by 8 percent.

Trinasmart modules can be used in combination with Trinaswitch, a cost-effective safety solution that allows a panel to be immediately shut down at the module level by turning off AC power. Trinaswitch is integrated right into the panel's junction box, which reduces balance of system cost while also increasing the system's safety and ROI. The Trinaswitch smart modules constantly monitor panels for signs of over voltage, over temperature and overcurrent, and can immediately alert system operators if a safety hazard is detected through use of the wireless Cloud Connect communications system.

Trinaflex is the latest advancement in solar panel technology.

The webinar will also provide solar consumers with more information on Trinaflex, the smart panel solution that allows operators to run a combination of Trinasmart, Trinaswitch and standard modules on the same string. With Trinaflex you don't have to have an optimizer on every module in a string for each panel to reach its max power point and eliminate power losses caused by mismatched panels. Trinaflex increased design flexibility, allowing for the maximum number of modules for a roof. With panel-level, real-time monitoring, Trinaflex is also able to increase safety and performance of the array.

In addition to industry experts from Trina Solar and Aurora Solar, the Greentech Media webinar will feature analysts from GTM Research, the market research wing of Greentech Media.

The webinar will be held Thursday, April 14, at 2 p.m. EST. Registration is open now. For more information, contact

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