Residential module installations continue to rise across the country, with more homeowners acknowledging the benefits of solar power each year. With 25,617MWdc of residential capacity installed during the first half of 2022, the country has already surpassed the 23,053MWdc total residential capacity installed in 2021, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA).


This growth demonstrates increasing opportunities for residential module installation companies. And by better understanding the reasons fueling this growth, you can take better advantage of these opportunities and further expand your residential solar business. 


Factors Fueling the Residential Solar Installation Boom


Like any industry, success usually boils down to two main themes: cost and certainty. These two factors inform every business plan seeking to navigate for future success. However, these same two factors also rest on the minds of consumers, who want to see these details play out on their end as well. 


Cost is pretty straightforward. In addition to minimizing their carbon footprint, homeowners invest in module installations because they want to reduce their energy costs. The industry has matured long enough, and analysts have acquired enough data to demonstrate that utility bills drop following a solar installation. 


But homeowners have also benefited from a consistent price drop in material and installation costs, which is attractive from an investment point of view. In fact, SEIA reported the average price of a residential system installation dropped nearly 60% over the past decade.


It’s clear why residential module installations have increased from a baseline cost perspective alone. Certainty, on the other hand, is a bit trickier to provide. For an installation company, the certainty of an expanding operation includes knowing whether a solar manufacturer will have the panels needed for installations and whether the company will be around in ten years to honor a warranty. For a solar consumer, the certainty is that not only will energy costs come down but also that these modules will continue to provide energy for years to come.  


Trina Solar provides this certainty.


Providing Residential Solar Certainty


The Trina Solar US Advantage provides certainty for residential module installers and homeowners. Trina Solar accomplishes this by delivering more than modules with a full support network for our US-based customers. 


The Trina Solar US Advantage comprises several factors. For one, customers have access to an ongoing solution of local support and services teams. This means on-site help and support when you need it. Additionally, all residential products automatically come with the TrinaProtect 25/25 warranty, which is tough for homeowners to argue with. Therefore, it’s tough for residential installers to argue with as well.


Ongoing and local support, as well as extended warranties and guarantees, are statements of commitment to the solar industry. The Trina Solar US Advantage is exactly that, an advantage of having Trina Solar as a partner, whether for supplies or support. And as an installer, sooner or later, you’ll need both.


And Trina is providing certainty in other ways as well. For example, our Vertex S+ modules pack record-setting power per rooftop with lighter and easier-to-install modules. From universal compatibility to higher energy density to improved efficiency, this module has established a new standard for residential solar.


Deploy Trusted and Reliable Solar Modules


Trina has proven time and again that it generates the most reliable residential panels in the solar industry. From performance to aesthetics, homeowners have found the value that Trina’s Vertex S+ modules provide for their homes. 


And by having a US-based support team available for installation companies, the opportunities are endless. The Trina Solar US Advantage has put Trina far ahead of its competitors by better facilitating opportunities for its customers. 


Trina continues to build trust because we continue to be reliable, and the Trina Solar US Advantage is just another way we are continuing this model into the future.


Contact us to learn more about the Trina Solar US Advantage and how it can help you grow your residential solar installation business.

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