Trina Solar, A Year in Review

By Steven Zhu

President, Trina Solar US

We’re excited to end the year by making history for our company and the entire solar industry. We’re at the strongest point we’ve ever been in for delivered volume and value solutions for both 2019 and 2020.

We could not have done this without your support, as well as the dedication of our team and our partners. This year, we:

  • Rebuilt our relationships with most of the tier one partners and will continue to expand on this by providing more security, advanced technology / products and better solutions.

  • Officially broke ground on TrinaPro and the C&I solution. This was a major step forward for us and, we think, the entire industry. Our one-stop-shop services enable better optimization and compatibility for customer projects, tighter supply chain management, more efficient services and lower project costs (especially EPC costs).

  • Upgraded all our 2GW capacity overseas to the most advanced technology and equipment to allow for the production of bigger cells and bifacial compatibility.

Looking ahead, we will continue to improve and innovate to bring better products, better value, bigger capacities and more secure deliveries. 

And we will continue our strong commitment to sustainability throughout our operations and across our supply chain as we fulfill our mission of "Solar Energy For All."

We are getting ahead of the wave and helping our customers to get ahead of the wave also. 

Happy New Year!

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