TrinaPro’s Optimal Options: Bifacial Modules with Tracking

Optimizing the energy harvest of a solar PV installation should be the primary goal of all stakeholders involved in a solar installation. After all, the more optimal the system’s energy output, the faster the project will generate a return on investment.

No one understands this objective more than Trina Solar. This is why we’ve introduced TrinaPro, the one-stop solar solution for both utility-scale and C&I installations. Organizations that partner with TrinaPro receive a value-engineered solar PV system that’s uniquely designed for the site layout and that meets all the project needs.

One of the game-changing options TrinaPro provides to enhance solar energy generation is a combination of high-efficiency bifacial DUOMAX Twin modules paired with solar trackers. These two innovative features allow solar installations to collect sunlight earlier in the morning and longer into the evening, extending the amount of time throughout the day the installation can harvest sunlight.

Here’s how TrinaPro’s one-two punch of bifacial modules and trackers work to maximize energy generation, reduce levelized cost of electricity, and ultimately improve the system’s return on investment.


The Perks of Bifacial PERC Modules

The solar cells of Trina Solar’s bifacial DUOMAX Twin modules capture sunlight from both sides of the panel, yielding up to 25 percent more energy generation than standard modules.

The modules accomplish this feat by absorbing direct sunlight on the front side while the back side captures reflected and scattered light. This design lets the module soak up all the light that would’ve otherwise bounced off of the cells in a standard module. Even in poor light conditions and cloudy days, the bifacial design continues to perform well.

All of this increased sunlight absorption in the bifacial modules enables greater energy generation that reduces the system’s overall LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).


The Benefits of Solar Trackers

However, simply using the bifacial modules on a fixed-tilt mounting system runs up against a built-in limitation as the immobility of the fixed-tilt systems leaves a good portion of the day’s sunlight left uncaptured.

Modules equipped with dynamic trackers that follow the sun from when it first peeks over the horizon in the morning until it sets in the west have the ability to harvest much more sunlight throughout the day. Further, pre-programmed timers and regular operations & management ensure the trackers continue following the path of the sun as its route shifts according to the changing seasons.

Additionally, the single-axis tracker includes:

  • Backtracking
  • Shade control
  • Bifacial algorithms
  • Smart PLC controller

Plus, with both single and multi-row options, the solar trackers can easily fit into nearly all site layouts, regardless of terrain or topography. 


Combining Bifacial Modules and Trackers

Essentially, this all means that trackers allow the modules to capture sunlight throughout the entire day, while at the same time the bifacial modules collect even more of the sunlight hitting the panels. Combined, these features are breaking new ground in maximizing the energy output for utility-scale and C&I solar PV installations.

On a typical sunny day for an installation on sandy ground surface, bifacial modules on trackers significantly outperform the energy output of a standard fixed-tilt ground mounted system.

The total hourly energy gain of a solar PV system using a tracker and bifacial modules is especially pronounced in the early morning hours, as it can reach nearly 120 percent greater energy gains than standard systems. A lack of a tracker leaves the majority of this early-morning light uncollected, which, ultimately leaves money on the table when it comes to energy production.


Click here to learn more about how TrinaPro’s bifacial solar modules and tracker combination optimizes energy generation.

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