VIDEO: Trina Solar Unveils New 210mm Vertex Super Factories

We’re proud to announce a major milestone with the opening of three new Super Factories in Yiwu, Suqian and Yancheng in China. These Super Factories are the world’s first large-scale production base for the 210mm silicon wafers and cells used in Trina’s high-powered, high-efficiency Vertex module series.

Trina deploys fully automated, innovative and intelligent manufacturing processes at these Super Factories to lower costs, improve quality control and boost product yield. This all translates into additional savings and reliability for solar developers, installers and end users. 

With these Super Factories up and running, Trina Solar’s global capacity:

  • will reach 12GW for cells and 22GW for modules by the end of 2020 
  • is estimated to reach is expected to exceed 26GW for cells and 50 GW for modules in 2021


Check out the short video below to get a sneak peek of Trina’s Super Factories in action.


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