Reaching a point of global carbon neutrality will take time and require a concerted effort among companies, organizations, governments and more. With its commitment to sustainable business practices up and down the supply chain, Trina Solar continues to lead the way on achieving carbon neutrality in the solar industry.

In these efforts, Trina launched its 600W+ Vertex modules series and now spearheads the efforts to standardize the 600W industry chain. Trina also jointly founded the 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, an organization dedicated to reducing global carbon levels.

Trina Solar Chairman Jifan Gao recently unveiled the company’s 600W Vertex series at the 2021 SNEC PV Power Expo, an international exhibition and conference on photovoltaics.

Addressing the audience at the expo, Gao said, “The key to accomplishing the goal of carbon neutrality lies in giving precedence to wind and PV power, while minimizing or even eradicating thermal power.”

Let’s take a look at how the 600W PV industry will play a critical role in helping countries around the world lower their CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.


Why 600W Will Be Important for Carbon Neutrality

On the end users’ side, 600W modules bring enhanced power generation capacity, better module efficiency and improved reliability. This has the added benefit of lowering the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and increasing project value, and should incentivize greater adoption of solar power.

On the manufacturing side, Trina Solar’s new Vertex super factories utilize fully automated, innovative and intelligent manufacturing processes. These features reduce costs, improve quality control and boost product yield - efficiencies which also help cut down on emissions.

Further, the innovative packaging method of vertical stacking for the 600W modules, so that the width of the modules is no longer limited by the height of the container. This lowers installation and transportation costs, while also reducing the associated emissions during transport.

Most importantly, however, the introduction of the 600W+ PV provides the perfect opportunity for supply chain standardization.


The 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance and Supply Chain Standardization

In the same address at the 2021 SNEC Expo, Gao said, “Industry coordination with mutual innovation and shared benefits will create a new, customer-centric industry ecosystem that will help achieve carbon neutrality.”

The 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, which now has 78 members from across the entire PV supply chain, is working hard toward this end. Together, these manufacturers, system integrators and certification bodies aim to restructure the supply chain into a new and complete ecosystem that supports the 600W modules.

Ensuring the standardization of 600W modules and components will streamline the supply chain, which adds even more efficiency and helps further lower carbon emissions. Inverters, trackers and wiring all designed for 600W compatibility will reduce the chances of component incompatibility on the job site. This also prevents the potential risks associated with excessive overlapping investment in the same-class technology.

Overall, the introduction of the 600W+ PV industry and the standardization of its supply chain will go a long way to helping achieve carbon neutrality for countries around the world.


Reach out to Trina Solar today to learn more about the high-powered, high-efficiency Vertex module series and how the company is leading supply chain standardization.




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