What Makes a Smart Solar Solution Smart?

Many companies like to tout their product as being smart - smart televisions, smart fridges, smart cars. This can make it a little difficult to parse through the nuances to see what makes a product or solution smart. A smart solar solution isn’t just “smart” simply because it’s the intelligent choice for customers (although this is certainly true). Let’s take a look at what makes a smart solar solution smart.

A truly smart solar solution, such as TrinaPro, can accomplish three core tasks: 

  • Simplifying component procurement and integration
  • Providing on-site supervision to lower install times
  • Harvesting more sunlight through an integrated tracking system

Additionally, a smart solar solution will expertly match hardware and software to increase system stability and further boost efficiency. This ultimately translates to a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and higher returns for project owners and financiers. 


Simplifying Component Procurement and Integration

Project developers and EPCs often need to build their PV systems using modules and components from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers. Not only can piecemeal procurement create scheduling nightmares, there’s also the risk that the components don’t integrate efficiently. 

The solar experts at Trina partner with developers and EPCs to help design an out-of-the-box solution with best-in-breed solar modules, inverters and trackers. Relying on its global supply chain, TrinaPro simplifies the procurement process and ensures seamless integration for all the premium components in the PV system. 


Providing On-site Supervision to Lower Install Times

Another key feature of a smart solar solution includes expert on-site supervision during installation. Any delays or issues during installation can lead to missed deadlines and significant cost overruns. 

Trina Solar technicians work with project developers from the start of the project through interconnection, providing insight and guidance for optimal installation. With years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of solar components, the on-site supervisors ensure the installation goes smoothly. This gets the PV system up and running faster and generating power sooner.


Boosting Solar Yield with Integrated Tracking Systems

Solar tracking systems are another aspect of a smart solar solution. Instead of installing fixed solar modules, TrinaPro’s integrated tracking system means the modules follow the sun through the sky. This allows for more direct sunlight to shine down on the solar cells, thereby increasing the system’s solar harvest. In optimal conditions, this can result in up to an additional 25 percent power generation. 

When these “smart” features are combined into a single solar solution, they further reduce PV LCOE, leading to a higher and quicker level of financial return compared to traditional PV solar installations. A smart solar solution provides a value-added service that simply cannot be replicated in legacy solar models. Trina Solar has the decades of solar industry experience necessary to develop TrinaPro for utility-scale applications around the world. 

Contact us to learn more about what makes TrinaPro a truly smart solar solution. 

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