What is TrinaPro and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

Just like the technology that underpins a solar PV system continues to mature and improve, the solar industry itself is also evolving. Innovative new solar solutions are providing opportunities for growth and increased value to customers and project owners/financiers.

And TrinaPro, the first smart, one-stop solar PV solution, is leading the vanguard on improving the solar industry’s evolution.


Legacy Solar Models

In the past, solar EPC companies and project developers had a lot on their plates. This included designing the PV system, coordinating individual component procurement and scheduling timelines for delivery. However, this legacy model created inefficiencies caused by problems over which project developers and engineers, procurement and construction companies (EPCs) had no control.

Having to purchase modules and components individually from a variety of suppliers creates risks during procurement. Working with so many suppliers creates more variables and unknowns. Due to their size, EPCs and developers that are smaller, more localized or just getting started might come up against additional difficulties dealing with a host of suppliers. This process is further complicated when those suppliers find themselves at the mercy of different, often competing, global supply chains.

Since designing a PV system can take place a year or more before the final commissioning, any disruptions in the global supply chain can cause problems with component availability. This might mean having to go with a second or even third choice for a module or component. Any last-minute changes to the design can lead to lower energy production.

Trina Solar identified these inefficiencies and created TrinaPro to address them.


How TrinaPro is Changing the Game

As a smart solution, TrinaPro combines two main aspects necessary for a PV system’s success: High-quality products with unparalleled service and installation. This optimized solution helps mitigate risks associated with the legacy solar development model by guaranteeing system performance and project success. Trina accomplishes this by ensuring the delivery of the components, which are then seamlessly interconnected to reduce installation time and avoid delays.

On the product side, TrinaPro bundles industry-leading bifacial solar modules, state-of-the-art tracker systems and world-class inverters in one turn-key package. Working in tandem, these three main components increase the installation’s energy harvest, which works to boost ROI.

On the service and installation side, TrinaPro provides optimized pairing, custom drawings, structural designs and permits. The technicians at Trina can also perform regular operations and maintenance for the system.

As the original equipment manufacturer for the modules, Trina designs the PV system with the best products to match the modules. This design is paired with Trina’s global supply chain that’s been built up over decades. And then Trina coordinates component delivery to ensure the project avoids delays and stays on schedule.

Developers or owners that decide to use TrinaPro gain access to all of these features in a bundled solar solution. With all of these efficiencies in place, the experts at Trina help get solar projects shovel ready faster and easier. This leads to lower costs with better returns.

So just what is TrinaPro and why should you know about it? TrinaPro is a win-win for solar project developers, investors and the solar industry overall. Get in touch with Trina to learn more about how TrinaPro is redefining the solar industry now and in the years to come.

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