TrinaPro — Industry-Leading Module Bankability and Energy Transition Innovation Leader

When Trina Solar first launched TrinaPro, the smart utility-scale solar solution, it revolutionized the industry. Several years later, TrinaPro remains the standard-bearer for delivering the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and the highest value for utility solar.

But what makes TrinaPro such a game-changing solar solution for EPCs, developers, and financiers? Many factors contribute to TrinaPro's ability to lower LCOE and boost PV system value, such as one-stop-shop procurement and customized site design.

However, two essential features stand out. First, TrinaPro deploys Tier 1 modules at the highest level of bankability. And second, Trina Solar's commitment to innovation ensures TrinaPro stays a step ahead of the competition to deliver maximum project value. 

Let's take a look at how these two features help make TrinaPro the smart choice for utility-scale solar.

"AA" Rating PV ModuleTech Bankability — 2nd Best of All Modules Ranked

Solar EPCs, developers, and financers need access to ​​accurate benchmarking to understand module suppliers' relative strengths and weaknesses at any given time, regardless of the industry's condition. So in 2019, PVTech created its PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings. Using robust analysis of module suppliers' technological and financial strengths, PVTech rates them from AAA-Rated (highest, least risk) to C-Rated (lowest, highest-risk). 

For the first time, PVTech converted the results into a Bankability Ratings Pyramid, which illustrates the 50 leading global module suppliers in terms of their module bankability. Collectively, these suppliers make up more than 98% of the worldwide supply.

Trina Solar received a "AA" rating and ranked second overall out of all 50 companies, indicating the industry-leading bankability of the Trina Solar modules.

This distinguished recognition underscores Trina Solar's commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality solar panels while reducing risk factors and maintaining strong financial health for long-term success.

The bankability is most evident in the ultra-high-power and high-efficiency Vertex series modules. By using the 210mm solar wafer size, the 670W Vertex modules are confirmed to reduce BOS and lower LCOE compared to modules using 182mm solar wafer sizes or smaller. At the same time, third-party testing shows excellent scores for mechanical load, thermal cycles, PID, cracks, and snow load that further highlight module reliability.

When module supplier selection is critical to maximizing utility-scale site performance, reliability, and long-term returns, TrinaPro with Vertex modules is the most bankable route.

A Reuters Events' Top 100 Innovators in Global Energy Transition

Innovation plays another key role in the success of TrinaPro. Not only was TrinaPro the first turnkey utility-scale solar solution on the market, but it continues to innovate to deliver more value for EPCs, developers, financiers, and PV power plant owners.

As a result of this commitment to innovation, Reuters Events recently recognized Trina Solar as one of the top 100 innovators in the global energy transition.

Trina Solar received the award in the "Solar and Wind Category" based on its innovative solar modules and tracker technology. Trina was the only listed company with an entire business unit in TrinaTracker exclusively dedicated to developing sophisticated tracker technology.

This prestigious honor speaks to the role innovation plays at Trina Solar and the TrinaPro solution specifically. To put it bluntly: Only manufacturing the highest quality PV modules won't suffice to accelerate the clean-energy transition. So Trina Solar launched TrinaPro to pioneer sophisticated solar solutions that achieve the highest energy yield to cut balance-of-system costs further and reduce LCOE to drive greater solar adoption. 

One of these innovations includes the strategic bundling of modules, inverters, and TrinaTracker. The TrinaTracker system uses a patented spherical bearing that can provide efficiency gains of up to 30%. Meanwhile, TrinaPro utilizes a revolutionary low-volt, high-string design for even more savings on BOS materials and installation.

The recognition reflects Trina Solar's priorities to offer solar solutions that contribute to the energy transition, reduce costs, increase energy production, and mitigate risks by providing the most innovative technology tools.

Combined, the industry-leading bankability of Trina Solar's modules and the company's continuous innovation make TrinaPro the bankable partner that financiers and developers can rely on now and in the decades to come.

Reach out today to learn more about how TrinaPro cuts BOS costs and lowers LCOE.

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