TrinaTracker Secures 200MW Fishery Solar Project

TrinaTracker, a division of Trina Solar and a leading provider of smart tracking solutions, has signed a supply agreement with Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Co Ltd (ZTPC), a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Group. Under the agreement, TrinaTracker will supply ZTPC with 200MW Vanguard 2P trackers and the supporting Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. This collaboration underscores TrinaTracker’s commitment to delivering reliable PV solutions, particularly in challenging environments characterized by corrosion and humidity.

The project is a component of a large-scale wind-and-PV-based project and benefits from ample sunlight and abundant land and marine resources. When the plant is complete, it will operate using a model of power generation in the upper layer and fish farming in the lower layer, achieving seamless integration of industry and agriculture, PV power generation, and aquaculture, and minimizing harm to the environment.

Compared with fixed structures, trackers can significantly improve the return on investment of a power station with the same installed capacity. The project uses TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 2P tracker, which has passed numerous wind tunnel tests conducted by leading third-party research institutes such as RWDI and CPP. The tracker features excellent structural design, high wind resistance, high terrain adaptability, and high reliability. When installed in complex application settings, such as deserts, wastelands, agriculture, fisheries, and offshore mudflats, the Vanguard 2P reduces the amount of piling and work, minimizing the difficulty of construction and initial investment costs.

Unlike standardized PV accessories, tracker systems have strong engineering attributes. Tracker systems for PV power stations require hundreds of components, and their design varies from station to station. TrinaTracker not only provides tracker systems but also takes innovative approaches and offers its customers full lifecycle services, such as pre-sales technical support, in-sales delivery and quality engineering, and after-sales service.

Considering the high wind pressure and corrosive environment at the project site, TrinaTracker’s pre-sale, in-sale technicians, and R&D team collaborated to improve the trackers' wind resistance. They achieved this by implementing the multi-motor system, 170mm torque tubes, and long purlin plus diagonal bracing. In addition, the trackers are coated with an antirust and anticorrosive layer that features galvanized magnesium-aluminum ZM310. This ensures the trackers can adapt to wet and highly corrosive environments, guaranteeing the power station’s efficient operation.

Ge Rui, Trina Solar’s General Manager of Direct Sales in China, said: “TrinaTracker’s global shipments exceeded 20GW at the end of 2023. With our extensive project experience, we are confident in our ability to provide customers with professional design solutions, excellent product quality, and efficient team services.” 

TrinaTracker is committed to working with others in the industry to advance the global push for carbon neutrality.