Trina Solar 210mm Modules Used in PV Projects Worldwide

A 31MW floating solar plant in Thailand using Trina Solar’s Vertex 670W modules was connected to the grid in early March. It is expected to cut CO2 emissions by 41,000 tons and have an average power generation of 46 million kWh, which ensures stable power supply for about 18,000 families every year. The plant promotes the welfare of local communities and economic development and reinforces the great confidence that customers worldwide place in Trina Solar’s 210mm modules. 


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The 31MW plant in Thailand. (Photo: Dongfang Electric)


The power station, in the country’s northeast province of Khon Kaen, comprises of four water surface photovoltaic arrays. In Thailand, it is the first demonstration power station project integrating water-surface photovoltaics, clean hydroelectricity, a high-efficiency energy storage system, and an intelligent energy management system. 


The project is an excellent example of the widespread adoption of Trina Solar’s 210mm modules, whose shipments had exceeded 100GW over three years at the end of November, leading the industry. 


Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trina Solar, states: “Our 210mm modules feature high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high energy yield with lower LCOE, and cover small, medium and large-formats, providing solutions for ground-mounted power stations, residential and commercial and industrial settings. They are thus an ideal option in settings such as deserts, grasslands, water surfaces and rooftops, and are recognized as such by our global customers.”


An agrivoltaic farming project being built at Edgecumbe Solar Farm in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand boasts total installed capacity of 32MW using Trina Solar’s 210mm modules. Upon completion, the plant will generate about 53 GWh of electricity, providing power to more than 6,000 homes and businesses as well as 1,700 local residents, dairy farms, and other commercial and industrial users in the area.   


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The 32MW plant in New Zealand. (Photo: Lodestone)


A 20MW agrivoltaic farming plant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, has been fully installed. The project, using Trina Solar’s 210mm modules, adopts the PV+ development model that integrates on-panel power generation with off-panel planting. Moreover, Trina Solar’s highly reliable 210mm modules provide protection to plants under the panels, shielding them from hail, frost, and drought. The plant is expected to have an energy yield of about 18.7 GWh in the first year. 


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The 20MW plant in the Netherlands. (Photo: Pfalz Solar)


Trina Solar, with its mission of “Solar Energy for All”, is committed to providing global customers with smart PV and energy storage solutions, contributing to a net zero future.