Trina Solar US Launches Trina Truck Program to Deliver PV Modules Nationwide

Trina Solar, a global leader in smart solar products and solutions, rolled out its new fleet of Trina-branded trucks to deliver its photovoltaic (PV) modules for utility-scale solar projects in the U.S. This step marks the first phase in Trina’s fleet strategy, with the company to commence the electrification of its delivery fleet in 2024. The company currently uses Trina Truck to deliver materials for more than 35% of its utility projects, where the trucks can be seen on major U.S. highways in more than ten states. By the end of 2024, Trina Solar will complete 100% of its utility project deliveries via Trina Truck. 


Since its founding 26 years ago, Trina Solar has shipped more than 170GW of modules, generating green power for customers in more than 100 countries and regions. Trina’s new 1.35 million-square-foot U.S. facility in Wilmer, Texas, represents a significant investment in American manufacturing that will bolster the U.S. solar market with 5GW of clean energy. To support the company’s dedication to lowering carbon emissions for solar module deliveries, it will ramp up Trina Electric Vehicle (EV) Truck deliveries next year. The company expects full electrification of the Trina Truck fleet by 2026, enabling the EVs to charge their batteries at customer jobs sites using Trina Solar’s PV modules.


“Our dynamic vision for delivering large utility-scale projects in our new Trina Truck and Trina EV Truck fleets is the perfect example of our commitment to fuse innovation with sustainability across every mile we travel,” said Steven Zhu, president of Trina Solar U.S. “We’re excited to strengthen our position as a trusted supplier for domestic customers by providing an integrated portfolio of solutions for the U.S. market.”  


About Trina Solar. 

Trina Solar was founded in 1997. As a global leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) modules and smart energy solutions, Trina Solar delivers PV products, applications, and services to promote sustainable development for the benefit of all humanity. To date, Trina Solar has shipped more than 170GW of modules, with shipments of 210mm modules surpassing 90GW. The company is currently developing a 5GW manufacturing base in Wilmer, Texas.


Trina Solar has obtained extensive technical and brand recognition from renowned independent institutes worldwide, demonstrating the PV market's strong confidence in Trina’s product value, technological innovation, and financial performance. It has scored 100% in the BNEF Bankability Survey for the past 7 years, has won “Overall Highest Achiever” by RETC for 4 consecutive years, was awarded the highest ranking, AAA, 5 times in a row in the PVTech ModuleTech Bankability Ratings report, and has been awarded “Top Performer” by PVEL for 9 consecutive years.

Trina Solar’s global business footprint has delivered clean energy to more than 160 countries and regions. With its mission of “Solar energy for all,” Trina Solar is committed to working with others to create a net-zero future. For more information, please visit