Trina Solar Celebrates 20th Anniversary

On March 22nd, 2018, Trina Solar held the Trina Development Conference and Energy IoT (Internet of Things) Forum as a major celebration ceremony of its 20th anniversary in Changzhou, where the company’s global headquarters is located. The conference presented an overview of Trina Solar’s development footprint in the past two decades as well as an occasion to launch the Trina Energy IoT Brand and initiated the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance. Representatives from the public sector, industry experts, business partners, and employees from around the world all gathered together and witnessed this historical moment.

Chairman and CEO Mr. Jifan Gao expressed in his opening speech that, Trina Solar had established itself from ground zero to a leading multinational company in the solar industry over the past twenty years. Trina Solar has demonstrated that it is a legendary example of Chinese PV companies that continuously overcame challenges and stepped up to a greater level of development.

Gao said, “The 20th anniversary is just a beginning, a new journey of Trina 3.0 Era has started. The field of global energy is going through a significant revolution, thus, Trina Solar must take actions to follow the trend. At the Trina 3.0 Era, Trina is committed to becoming a global leader in Energy IoT, we will continue to explore the digitalization and smart operation transition of new energy and establish the fundamental frame of the Energy IoT in order to provide a total and comprehensive range of services for our customers.”

The brand Trina IOT launched at the Trina Solar Development Conference is an Energy IoT total solution of power generation, energy storage, utilization, distribution and cloud functions. It breaks through boundaries among these few segments, allowing for total energy management and control possible, and in so doing, Trina Solar is now able to provide a variety of smart and efficient energy services. The Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance initiated at the conference will build up an Energy IoT ecosystem that involves many more partners.

At the conference, guests including government officials, industry experts, customers, and partners celebrated together with Trina Solar 20th Anniversary and 20 years of achievement.