The residential solar industry remains primed for surging growth opportunities. Though new incentives for residential solar installation rest at the top of many homeowners’ minds thanks to factors like the Inflation Reduction Act, solar adoption has been rising over the last decade. In fact, labor productivity of residential solar installations increased by 19% in 2020 alone. The bottom line: Homeowners are ready for solar and need installation partners they can trust.


Similarly, installers need more than just reliable products that generate customer value; they need a dedicated network of local support and suppliers. After all, the latest and greatest technologies are only one aspect of a solar installation project, and support and proper supplies represent another often overlooked aspect. The Trina Solar US Advantage provides this local support and assistance. 


As Part 1 in this series explained, the Trina Solar US Advantage is a total solution for solar system installers in the form of reliability. This means reliability in the products sold, reliability in the supply network for balance-of-system (BOS) materials, and reliability in Trina's support. But it also provides the reliability installation companies need to grow and develop their businesses. 


And by certifying this reliability for residential solar installers, the Trina Solar US Advantage also means reliability for residential solar customers. Simply put, a better support and supply network means more value for your customers. 


Let’s break that down further:


1. Initial Savings on BOS Costs 


Your residential solar customers can take advantage of immediate savings thanks to the compact but powerful module design. The Trina Vertex S+ has become the US flagship home module, and rightly so. With 430W+ max power and over 21.5% max efficiency, the Vertex S+ is the module for our times. And because of its universal compatibility, lower degradation (more to come on this), and long-term warranty, the Vertex S+ is also the module for the foreseeable future.


2. Power Gains and Lower Degradation


The Vertex S+ modules have higher power gains and lower degradation, which residential customers cannot argue. One reason for this is that Trina changed the game when it comes to module capabilities simply by adjusting the formula. Specifically, modules have traditionally been made with boron, which leads to eventual solar cell impurity because of the chemical’s interaction with oxygen and the fact that it’s prone to degradation from light.


Trina’s Vertex S+ modules are instead made with phosphorus, which is not prone to light degradation or oxygen decay. This means long-term efficiency in modular design alone, not to mention the fact that Trina’s 210×210 mm monocrystalline N-Type i-TOPCon solar cell set a world record for efficiency levels of 25.5%, a result that was certified by the National Institute of Metrology of China and further established Trina’s Vertex module design as a massive achievement for reliability and ongoing value.

3. Sleek Aesthetics


Let’s face it, aesthetics matter, and customers want a sleek and modern design for their rooftops. On the one hand, it is reasonable to assume that a residential solar customer will stick around their home for some time to continue reaping the benefits of their efficient energy usage.  On the other hand, solar modules can increase the value of a home and make it attractive to young homebuyers looking to live with a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy costs. In either instance, an attractive module adds to this appeal. 


The Vertex S+ has set a new standard in residential solar installations, establishing that efficient energy is a variable and curb appeal is another.


4. Longevity and Reliability


As mentioned, the Trina Solar US Advantage offers reliability to installers and customers, delivering added value across the board. And yet this statement is not merely a boast of things to come, but a confident statement based on 200+ in-house testing and extensive independent 3rd-party testing.


At Trina, we feel that just because a product or service is new doesn’t mean it can’t be tried and true. And our network of support means that even after completing an installation project, our US-based team can be available to answer any question, facilitate any new part, or even expand a project further. By offering high-quality services and products today and in the future, The Trina Solar US Advantage delivers long-term and reliable value to your customers and your business. 


5. TrinaProtect 25/25 Warranty Program


Residential customers want to know that their solar panels will generate power and lower their energy costs today and in the future. The TrinaProject 25/25 warranty program offers this long-term customer peace of mind.


The TrinaProtect warranty program automatically applies at purchase, with no strings attached, eliminating any sign-up hassles or confusion about warranty options. This means no exclusivity requirements, additional registration, or extra training for qualification. Again, this means reliability for you and value for your residential solar customer.


Supporting Installers, Facilitating Reliability


The solar industry will only continue its growth trajectory, so Trina Solar is ensuring our US-based network of support teams and suppliers stand ready to facilitate this demand. From having the best-performing modules to offering leading local support, Trina is making opportunities for residential module installers endless and further promoting value for residential customers.


Trina continues to build trust because we continue to be reliable, and the Trina Solar US Advantage is another way we continue this approach into the future.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Trina Solar US Advantage lets you deliver more value to your residential solar customers.

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