Vertex S+ Clear Black: A New Black for High-End Residential and Commercial Rooftops

A New Black aesthetic with Trinasolar’s Vertex S+ Clear Black: 445W+ Dual-Glass Bifacial Solar Module
Comparison in technical specifications between the Vertex S+ Clear Black NEG9RC.27 module and two similar 182mm modules: 420W with n-type and 410W with p-type cells.
On the same roof, Vertex S+ Clear Black solar module delivers higher installation capacity with less cost and higher revenue.
Incorporating advanced technology with an aesthetic design, Vertex S+ Clear Black solar module comes with high reliability, n-type i-TOPCon technology and 210mm innovative platform, and a transparent black design.
The Vertex S+ Clear Black solar module also comes with outstanding mechanical load, flexible installation, high system compatibility, and a plug-and-play design.
The Vertex S+ Full Black solar module offers a long guaranteed product lifecycle with up to 25 years product warranty, 30 years power warranty, lower degradation, and higher power generation.
Summary of Vertex S+ Clear Black n-type i-TOPCon dual-glass solar module’s key features, making it a top choice for carports, agrivoltaics, and public spaces seeking a higher visual quality with their solar installations.

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