TrinaPro Case Study: Marchihue 3MW Distributed PV Power Plant

Trina Solar is proud to announce that TrinaPro has been applied to the Marchihue project with a capacity of 3MW in Chile, and the project has been officially put into commercial operation since February 2019.


A typical distributed PV power station in the Chilean market

Along with the saturation of power transmission system, the market of large-scale projects in Chile is shrinking, while the distributed market segment of MW is expected to become the mainstream in the future. This project was developed by Carbon Free, with Eiffage Energia Chile providing EPC general contracting service, and Trina solar providing the "TrinaPro" smart photovoltaic solution that includes 9072 pieces of TSM-PE14A multi crystalline modules and corresponding single-axis tracker units.

Located at a photovoltaic park in the town of Marchihue, O 'higgins, Central Chile, the project has a capacity of 3MW. The site has a Mediterranean climate, with a hot and dry summer, a mild and rainy winter and high solar radiation energy. The project, as one of the typical distributed photovoltaic power stations in the Chilean market, was officially put into commercial operation in February 2019. The expected annual power generation is not less than 6444MWh, and the annual reduction of carbon dioxide emission is about 1400 Ton. The highly efficient modules are equipped with single-axis tracking system, which allow the modules to follow the sun at optimum angles, thus receiving maximum sunlight and generating up to 20% additional power under stable conditions.


Why TrinaPro

TrinaPro is a smart PV solution which is designed for utility, commercial and floating project,by systematically integrating 3 core components: highly efficient modules, smart tracking system and reliable inverter, TrinaPro achieves innovation in hardware, software, service process and cloud platform. Compared with fixed systems, TrinaPro’s innovations can increase power generation by 30%, which decreases LCOE by 8-15%; compared with assembled tracking systems, TrinaPro’s power generation can been increased by 3%-8%, which decreases LCOE by 2%-6%. Through equipment optimization, system design and high standard on-site construction supervision, the reliability of the power plant system can also be further guaranteed. In addition, the innovation of business processes can facilitates more professional and efficient pre-sale, sale and after-sale services such as integrated delivery to customers. Last but not least, through the innovation of smart control and cloud platform, customer's operation experience can also be greatly improved.

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