We sat down with Mr. Yin, vice president of Trina Solar to answer some questions about TrinaPro and how it’s the future of solar technology for enterprises going green.
What is TrinaPro? 
TrinaPro is a smart PV (Photovoltaic) solution that is designed for utility scale ground mount, floating solar projects and commercial applications. 

With the use of premium components, TrinaPro significantly reduces the system LCOE (Levelized cost of energy) and optimizes system integration and smart O&M interconnection. 
Why did Trina Solar launch TrinaPro? 
TrinaPro was launched to serve the growing demand from PV power station developers, proprietors, and EPCs (Engineering procurement construction companies). 

With prevalent industry gaps such as weak compatibility of core components, low installation efficiency and increased risk of breakdowns, there is a market demand for highly reliable and stable integrated solar solutions. 

On top of fulfilling this market gap, TrinaPro products are able to generate 30% more power in its optimal state than regular PV products.
How is TrinaPro superior? 
TrinaPro outperforms in 6 aspects: 
● Superior hardware integration
● Efficient system installation
● Integrated control
● Intelligent power generation
● Stable power generation
● High generation yields.
What are the advantages of TrinaPro during construction?

Common problems arise during the construction of PV power stations due to the lack of installation standards, improper management, and a consolidated approach towards separate installation of core components. Consequently, these problems prolong the project duration and increase investment cost.

TrinaPro overcomes these problems by providing an integrated solution that enhances project integration, as well as installation and operation efficiency. In addition, it improves installation standards and management, while speeding up the construction process without compromising on quality.

Why use Trina Solar modules with smart tracker solution? 
Based on a tracker system, the synergistic effect produced effectively reduces the LCOE. 

As a smart solar solution provider, TrinaPro continuously improves the linkage and coordination between solar panels and smart trackers during the design phase. 

This results in better installation efficiency and accuracy, which consequently reduces the need for subsequent debugging work.

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