Yingshang Mining Subsidence

Yingshang Mining Subsidence

Anhui, China


The project is located in Yingshang ancient city in Fuyang. It has made full use of over 4,700 hectares of water areas created due to mining subsidence of Liuzhuang mine, with a total investment of 915 million RMB. The construction includes 130MW float PV area, a 110kV booster station, and a 23km-long 110kV transmission line. More than 400,000 double-glazed modules produced by Trina Solar are used for the project, among which 34,000 modules are high-efficiency PERC monocrystal modules of Trina Solar.

Upon completion, the project is expected to achieve average annual utilization hours for power generation of 1,035.7 hours, and a total generation amount of 3.04 billion kWh in 25 years. The project got approved by Fuyang Development and Reform Commission on Feb. 23, 2017, and started construction on June 15. It has been ready for synchronization with its successful completion of construction for transmission lines and booster stations in a short period of three months.

The 130MW floating system in Yingshang ancient city has made full use of the water surface of the mining subsidence area. Not only can it supply clean power for the local areas, which increases the share of renewable energy in power supply, but also achieve comprehensive treatment of the mining subsidence area, bringing wasted caved-in land into recyclable use and increasing income for the local people who lost their land to mining subsidence. In the meantime, the project will promote the industrial structure adjustment for the coal-dominated city, boost the revenue for the government and push the development of PV-related industries.